Guardians Reborn... currently full


We are busy and dynamic team with space for a few more active players.

From humble beginnings, we now have buzzing Line chat and a sister alliance for our newer members.

Want to kill 7-8* titans and beat 90k+ teams in Wars? Guardians Reborn is for you.

Want to benefit from experience and knowledge at a low stress pace? Try Guardians Ascending

Join us to forge the future!

… read our story of our incredible exodus here:


So do you feel lucky?


I’m feeling lucky today, does that count ?

I’ve levelled up; Arthur’s levelled up; the 6* titan is nearly down and the war is nearly won.

All is well in the land of the Guardians Reborn - come and join the fun :slight_smile:


7* Titans now on the menu, punks


Spaces going quickly…


Great place for active players to grow.

Don’t mind the creepy twins in the hallway; they help entice titans to come out of their dens and play with us. :slight_smile:


Currently have spaces available. Reply here to discuss your future epic adventure



Looking for daily players, 1000 cups - to fight 8* titans , and have some fun and banter along the way :smile:

Only 1 coveted space left …


We’ve had a couple leave to vacation in Guardians Ascending

So have 3 spaces available for you and 2 friends :smile:


People without friends also welcome.

And once you join, you’ll have plenty :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: