Guardians Reborn: 1 foot higher than the sky is the limit!

Guardians Reborn wants the guy or gal in your alliance that’s doing all the work while others in your alliance aren’t pulling their weight.

We’d like them to be around like minded individuals, and be appreciated. If you love them, set them free… to us. Let us help them shoulder the load.

Line ID: Kayo2527


So @Kayo if your Guardian is Reborn what do they come back as?

Last time I came back as #1 global. But it varies. I encourage people to come try it out and share their experience.

Ho, boy! We are getting creamed out there! I mean, it is just an absolute free-for-all. I didn’t want to say this, but we have literally no idea what we’re doing. We’ve got all the pieces, but not a clue how to use them! Help!

Are we supposed to be using all War flags? Or is that just, like, a suggestion? Someone join and show us what to do!

I tell ya, we could really use someone who knows what they’re doing out there… help us steer the ship. I hate to use the word Hero, but oh man, could we use a Hero…

I get shivers just thinking about the word… Hero. Man, that’d be cool. Maybe that’s you? I don’t know… maybe come join us and find out?


Lol that sounds like an old 80’s song by Bonnie Tyler, Holding out for a Hero, I have visions of windswept hair and huge shoulder pads on the girls and guys looking like Duran Duran… eeek you do need help.

Tired of monotony? Always the same War line-up? Same strategy?

Come mix it up with Guardians Reborn! Hit when you want, on YOUR schedule. Quit having to wait for the 3,999 TP guy to respawn so you can finally hit who you want to hit. We also switch War lineups ever 2 Wars. And we’ve won 6 of last 8 doing it (and win more than we lose, period). No more same boring lineup every week. Have fun with it.

Green tanks? We’ve done it, and won.
Red mono??? We’ve done it, and won.
Yellow tanks with Red and blue flanks for some reason? Did it, won.
Different color tanks? Did it, won.
Blue tank with Green flanks? I don’t know why, but we did it. And won.

Purple mono? We’re doing it!
Only yellow and purple? We’re doing it!

1 spot available. You… complete us…

Just missing you!

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I won’t pretend to speak for famed actor Adrien Brody; yes, that Adrien Brody. But if I were to, I think he’d say we’re pretty awesome, which is really high praise from the Adrien Brody!

Why would he probably say that if it weren’t true?!

Join us and come find out what all the hub-bub of what Adrien Brody would probably say about us is about!

Line ID: Kayo2527


What titans are y’all facing Kayo?

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I’m the latest recruit to join Guardians Reborn.

I can confirm they are a top notch group.


I was there for a bit a while back so I know they have some quality people there but I’m looking to face 13*+ titans.


Currently taking 12s and the occasional 13.


12s and 13s. We’re one good person away from chaining 13s.

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Just need one more person to get us over the hump.

Currently facing:

Wow, respect man, you guys are smashing it

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are you sure? I don’t see time remaining.

I meant they’re making progress… This gryphon could be kicking their tails, but that’s still a Steph fowa rs :laughing:

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For your viewing pleasure.


Just trying to help you recruit :wink:

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