Guardians of the Krypt β€” Multiple Openings!

Are you looking for a new alliance? Do you look for the challenge of crushing high level Titans? Interested in filling your War Chest as fast as possible? . . . If so, come join a solid dedicated group of friends in an active and jovial Alliance!!!


We’re a group with members across the world, but majority in the US. We have players that have been ranked #1 Locally, players that have been in the Top 50 of the game!! With the right additions there is enough power in this group to make a run at Top 100 Alliances!! β€” Stand with us as one of the newest Guardians of the Krypt!!!


Guardians of the Krypt has multiple openings for active participants. Looking for level 20+ or 2500 minimum team points. Currently engaging level 7 and up titans and members full participation required. Battlefield assistance helpful but not required. Most members are older and long time players eager to answer all questions and suggest tactics and strategy to help you improve your team and strengthen our alliance. Join our friendly and active group of Guardians where you will be comfortable and have a great time.


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