Guardians of Teltoc - What heroes do you use?

I considered doing a post per level of the event (rare, epic, legendary), but for simplicity’s sake, I’ll compress everything into one post.

SO… Seems like yellow heroes are at a major disadvantage here, with many enemies reflecting the damage. It also seems like the enemies are VERY strong, even from the first level. I’m worried about my firepower. What is your guys’ strategy to perform well in this event?

My 3* team has no optional hero to swap. It is :

  • Balthazar (good hitter)
  • Bane (Almost unusable)
  • Gunnar (Useful damage spreader)
  • Belith (heals)
  • Hawkmoon (heals)

My 4* team :

  • Wukong (My only yellow hero that’s not a hitter)
  • Kiril - blue (heals + buffs) - OPTIONS : Boril (damage reflector)
  • Cyprian - purple (damage reflector) - OPTIONS : Sabina (heals + debuff), Rigard (heals + cleanses)
  • Melendor - green (heals + debuffs) - OPTIONS : Hansel (hitter), Kashrek (spot heals)
  • Lancelot - red (hitter) - OPTIONS : Colen (hitter), Boldtusk (heals + buffs)

I have plenty of options for my 5*, but chose this :

  • Sartana (purple hitter) - OPTION Aeron (heals)
  • Vivica (yellow healer)
  • Elena (red hit + reflect)
  • Melendor (heals + debuffs) - OPTION : Gregorion (green hitter)
  • Alasie (blue hitter)

What did you guys go with? Are you finding the enemies hard to beat? Any input is appreciated :slight_smile:

UPDATE. Completion of legendary tier is now done and was no issue with the above hero roster.


Are you just going for completion or do you want high spots?

I’d LOVE to get more than completion rewards, but I don’t think it’s realistic. My scores in previous events have never been that great, and I’m not sure what else I could do to improve them.

1st keep more heroes and level them :sweat_smile:
2nd the advise I read most of the time in the forum, try to double the strong colours against the minions cuz they take your time too
In this event it would mean double red and purple
3rd don’t take the reflecting colour (Wu kong in Guardians… let’s say there are two fronts… I guess we could call it unresolved :joy: )
4th try to use only offense and no defense heroes (obviously you need 1 healer ^^)
In 4* the best team would look something like this:
Boldtusk, G. Falcon, Scarlett, Merlin/Gafar, Tiburtus or
Gormek, G. Falcon, Scarlett, Sabina, Merlin/Gafar
or you do a mixture of them with Wu Kong

This are only the things I learned from YT and this Forum plus me experience in RPG Games over the last 10 years. I’m not even near the top since I only started in february and my roster still lacks many fully leveled heroes (only got 4 lvl 70 heroes :joy:)

If you are only going for completion try it with a very defense team and a few items my first level 10 Epic I finished after something like 10 mins with Hawkmoon, Sabina, Scarlett, Bane, Kailani (no 4* fully leveled but all were something like 3rd ascension around lvl 30) I think it was Avalon

Hope I could help you with this.

I completed Legendary tier using my usual 4* rainbow team. Despite the yellow reflection, Chao was actually fairly useful against Panther and Kong. Video below if you’re interested:


Haven’t touched Legendary yet, but:

For Rare stage I used this team

for the first 2 or 3 levels I used unleveled Squire Wabbit in place of Nashgar because of his high special attack, but after some time he became really weak in HP and I had to keep eye on him & heal him with potions.
I managed to complete Rare with no problem & are currently in top 4000-something

For Epic:

Cyprian (even though he’s not maxed) was a huuuuge help in this event. I ran through Epic really smoothly and completed it.

As you can see my teams weren’t all maxed. My strategy was mostly based on having full mana on everyone before the boss stage. This way sometimes the boss didn’t even have a chance to fire before dying.

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For rare I used:
Belith; Ulmer; Renfeld; Oberon; Nashgar.

Last level with use of 2x axe and 2x arrows completed it.

For Epic:
Belith; Tibertus; Boldtusk; Cyrpian; Sir Lancelot.
(Belith as extra healer as Bold could not keep everybody alive :wink: )

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anyone cleared legendary? what do u use?

Done the moment it came out.

Alasie - Aeron - Ares - Sartana - Lianna

Used some mana pots to activate Aeron and kept the team alive.

Still taking my time with Epic. Dont like the fact that I cant use Wu. So still halfway through.

Hansel - Merlin - Cyprian - Tibertus - BT

And I just aim to complete the challenges. Not aim for any ranking.

Legendary, 2nd try, no gem respawn. I’m admittedly much better at events than any other part of the game cause I really want those mats. Having absolutely awful luck with mats right now so I guess I was motivated.

Wu Kong worked really really well in legendary up through stage 9, so I think you can bring him to epic as long as you have him covered by 2x healers.

Wow! 24 minutes. I would have used some bombs on him to blow him sky high :smiley:

My last stage was around 9 minutes. War of attrition with the bosses. Tried using all 5* this time around and tried to play without Wu (should try to get Tarlak if he appears on next Atlantis).

Havent dont rare yet. I 2-stacked red and purple on all levels and switched between green and blue as needed.


Switched between Magni and Gregorian

Switched between Hansel and Grimm

Wilbur decimated in the 4* levels to almost being a problem. Many times he would wipe out the whole board and I wouldn’t have full mana for next fight.

I just beat Epic level relatively easy (only used items in the last level) with the following team:

Grimm 4/70 - Sabina 4/41 - Cyprian 4/23 - Tiburtus 4/70 - Kelila 4/70.

Will finish leveling up Sabina and Cyprian, and try Khiona (3/70) instead of Tibby for the legendary level, see how it goes (my only 5* heroes are Khiona 2x and Zimkitha still using diapers).

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Actually I found that damage reflection is not that bad for healers, since their specials do not cause direct damage, and whatever damage they receive from tiles they heal right after.

I finished last month event with Boldtusk without a problem.

Yes, he is very useful in this event, I used him because Rigard is still in tier one, but will keep him for legenday (I hope I can at least finish).

This is for Epic Teir

None of the 4 star heroes are maxed but I still beat the last level without any of my heroes dying (thanks Wil!) and using up all my items

I found Sabina a better choice than Rigard for levels with Owl. When Tyrum’s skill was used before Owl’s special went off she would still be ready to dispell him before he could heal


My team for rare :
Baltahzar - Purple
Gunnar - Blue
Hisan - Green
Belith - Green
Namahage - Red

My team for epic :
Melendor - Green
Hansel - Green
Boldtusk - Red
Triton - Blue
Proteus - Pruple

My team for legendary :
Hel - Purple
Elena - Red
Aeron - Purple
Alasie - Blue
Lianna - Green

All teams performed well, without failing any single stage.

Finished Legendary with almost same team:

Only changed Grimm for Khiona 3/70.

Once again, Cyprian was the hero of the team (yes, that useless guy).

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Bumping this again…

I used the same team below to finish Epic and Legendary
Proteus’ mana generation stop was pretty useful.
As well in beating the boss on S1.

I like “using diapers” :laughing:

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