Guardians of Teltoc - Game play is joke

Game play is a joke, Newer players cant compete.

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Overall beginner is likely the hardest, but learn and regroup for next month


It may be really difficult to finish beginner without an optimized team and a great board.

You can highly increase your chances by taking 5 axes and 5 arrows to the harder levels and just blowing them all on the bosses. All 10. It’s a solid chunk of damage. It is also helpful, and usually near mandatory, to enter the boss wave with all of your team’s special skills ready to use and as healed up as possible.

But I really do believe Beginner should be by far the easiest mode to complete - and it’s definitely not. More friendly to the newer players. The completion rewards are worthless to the older ones anyway, and actual beginners should have a mode to actually complete and feel accomplished.


I agree. Beginner’s level should be that, for beginners. I have a fairly good team but eas killed in the final round against 3 Bosses even after using all my items. Additionally, the completion of each level should be like the Winter Event wgere good loot is awarded. It rewards players for participating, which many do not as the current rewards are beyond meager.
To reward only a few heavy hitters with teams of fully maxed 5* Heroes and endless gems to use is completely lopsided. I knew many beginners and intermediate players who avoid the normal events because of the number of items used and the little to no rewards received. I completed all 3 categories last Pirate Event and received only 3 common tokens. I can only imagine how others wo were unable to do the same felt at getting even less.
The Winter Event reward system should be standard for all future events. It’s not as if you were handing out rare ascension items left and right, just a blade and 4* blue trainer which was nice.

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The final stage is hard on all levels for me. That’s with a team of maxed 3*, a team of maxed 4* and a team of maxed 4* and tier 3 maxed 5*. It is called a ‘challenge’ event, it should be challenging!

After playing for 5-6 months there’s a trick to each of these events, right hero/item mix particularly. Does that favor the longest players who spend the most money? Sure, but that problem exists no matter what you do, really.


To reward only a few heavy hitters with teams of fully maxed 5* Heroes and endless gems to use is completely lopsided.

You don’t need a team of maxed 5s to complete advanced, nor do you need to spend gems or (if you’re lucky) even items. Obviously it is not easy, but I know at least one of the people that is in top 10 (intermediate) is f2p and doesn’t even have a 5* (which you’re not allowed to bring to intermediate anyways).

I completed all 3 categories last Pirate Event and received only 3 common tokens.

A lie. If you completed all 3 categories, you got completion loot for 3 categories. That means that you got several flasks of world energy, an epic hero token, a troop token and approx 5 ascension materials.

It is what you make of it yourself, you can choose to make the event super expensive with items/flasks and what not and see if you can get the really good rewards. I usually opt for the slower completion, no items but a lot of ascension materials for free. Don’t think it’s fair to complain if you don’t want to put the effort in (they don’t just throw gems at it, it takes the people placing in top ranks a crapton of strategy, energy and time). While I agree that the rewards per level could/should be better - I wouldn’t want it to be similar to the winter event, as that was insanely expensive and only in some cases useful (and didn’t include any rare ascension materials).


New players expecting to be able to “compete” is the joke.


I think perhaps the word “Beginner” could be changed (this has been suggested elsewhere). But I don’t expect to win any category with 1/2* heroes; this doesn’t happen anywhere else in the game, why would it here?

I’d like to see “3* heroes / 2* troops suggested” or similar when you click on the Beginner category, but that’s just me. :wink:

Almost nowhere a novice can compete to win.

But i do agree that out of the three difficulty, beginner is the hardest. (and should be the opposite)

I always thought it was harder because most people do not have fully leveled 2* Troops.

My first two attempts (with fully leveled heroes but not troops) were laughable failures :grin:

The thing is, Advanced is possible to complete with 4* heroes (that’s good! Don’t change it…), Intermediate can be completed with 4* heroes that are hovering around their 3rd ascension, not even level 60 there.

Meanwhile, taking on a Beginner without a fully ascended team of 3* heroes is a big undertaking. Additionally, those heroes kinda need to be well-picked.

Yes, it’s way easier to get and fully ascend 3* heroes.

No, new players won’t have a roster to pick. Or the knowledge about who to pick and ascend. Or that many items to blow on botched tries.

I think Beginner should stay Beginner to let weaker/new players have a part of the event for them.

As I said before, the rewards for completion are complete garbage as is. Make it easy, make it actually possible to complete with a suboptimal team, or even a 2* hero lurking in the ranks (not saying all 2*s, but one or two wouldn’t be horrible).

If someone wants a CHALLENGE, they have Intermediate/Advanced. Beginner should be an introduction to Challenge events. Something for players to feel good about, aim for, enjoy. Test out their strategies and know what to expect from higher levels. Something FUN for the new dudes :slight_smile:

I mean, yea, more people will get a gray token and the pink book that drops all over the map. Dam’ son, power creep incoming :rofl:


I think a 2* hero / 1* troop bracked should be created.

Might be a bit tricky balance the bosses for it though, since no 1* / 2* heros have “special” special abilities

Please no. The completionists already suffer having to gather a stable of 3* heroes and waste a ton of energy to acquire a silver token :rofl:

Besides, what would the rewards be there? There’s not much downgrade possibility. A box of common herbs? :scream_cat:

A healthy alternative would be to make completing Beginner much easier, but create more reward thresholds perhaps. So that the players with an okay 3* team will be in the top whatever getting a little something extra.


Perhaps, as someone else suggested, these Categories should be renamed Bronze, Silver, Gold, so that no expectations are created by the title “Beginner”. :wink:

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Like Rook said - we’re locked in on the titles. Beginner isn’t what beginner is in the traditional sense, it’s ‘I don’t have enough 4 & 5* to compete in the upper levels but have an army of 3* I can use.’

That is already possible. My team from 2 months ago, when I completed Beginner:


At that point I was playing the game for about one month.


The rationale would be engaging those who just started, who dont have a lot of 3*s.

If you’re a free to play, it still takes quite a while to get/level up your 3* team.

Not saying Beginner shouldnt be made easier.
Not saying we shouldnt bump the completion for all tiers.
Team space isnt an issue really, level up a bit or spend a few gems for extra space.

This would enable the really, really new players to participate as well.

Yes, Beginner title DOES indicate Beginner-friendly thing.

The thing is, I personally think that’s GOOD. As in, it should be a bracket for beginners :smiley: They want to play too! We got the other two to play around.

And kahree, I’m glad to know. Good job there! But I think many people struggle to do the same :frowning:

I don’t see why the current Beginner cannot cater to those guys. If your team is better than needed for completion - great. Go for top 10000 or 5000 or 100 or 500 or 100 or 50 or 10 or 1 :slight_smile: If you’re just starting out, flex your muscles and aim for completion reward. The silver token might drop you a Brienne or something for the next month.

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I don’t know where this complaining is coming from cause beginner is fairly easy, I had no problems completing it, all you need is 2 healers or 1 healer + Kailani/gunnar for lvl 9-10, obviously it’s recommended you have all your 3* max out

Also take your time and be calculated first to complete it, good luck.

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I think that the final level especially is too difficult this challenge event. I’m currently sitting in 11th place, have 11 fully leveled 3* heroes to chose from, have duplicate 2* troops leveled as high as 13, and I still fail the last level about 70% of the time trying to get a higher score.

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