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Hi everyone,
I am quite new to this game but as I lately joined a really nice alliance, I just dont want to be a weak spot. So thats why I am interested in any way to speed up the process of making a good teams for AW. For now I have Grimm, Cyprian, Hu Tao, Little John and Kelile. As my roster is nothing special, I am willing to spend some cash but not too much. Last 10 pulls of Atlantis gave me nothing. And my question is: Is there any Guardians of Teltoc special offer comparable to the Atlantis one where we can get 400 gems and 25 coins for 2$? I would like to pull 10-20 times depending on what I get.


Hi @szparo, welcome to the Forum!

Typically during Challenge Events the special offer is 200 gems for $1 USD (or comparable pricing for other countries), with 5 of them available.

I will caution you: that’s typically going to roughly be the outcome of any Summoning.

The odds for getting 5* heroes are incredibly low, and even the odds for 4* heroes are low enough that you’ll typically get mostly — or even entirely — 3* heroes from a 10 pull.

I strongly urge you to set and stick to a budget that you’re happy with, and not expect that spending money will necessarily advance your progress.


Thank you for your respond. I know the odds and I know it is all about luck. That is why I am looking for some extra value special offers like Atlantis or the one you just mentioned. 1k gems for 5$ sounds great but 2k for 15 would be so much better so the vip players would be able to get 10 pulls for 2600. Anyway thanks!

Best advice I can give being you are quite new is do not race to get your roster to the same level of some of your more experienced players in the alliance. Best way to get there is time. Having a gamble is great at that slight chance of scoring some awesome heroes but the games design allows you to progress far slower (required rare ascension mats etc). Your alliance sounds great and will understand you are newer to the game so enjoy the ride :slight_smile: Fingers crossed you get lucky if you do score a 5* from gems but chances are you may not have the required mats to max them just yet.


Buying both the Challenge Event and Atlantis offers will give you 2600 gems and 100 Atlantis Coins for $13 USD (plus tax).

Outside of VIP, those are typically the cheapest price per gem of any offer.


If they are a really nice alliance, they will understand that new players are going to be a weak spot for a while. The running joke around here is that E&P means “endurance & patience”. Spending is no guarantee that your roster will develop faster, and not spending isn’t a guarantee that it will develop appreciably slower.

Also, note that “weak spot” can be defined in different ways, but building a broad bench of 3-stars may actually help you get up to speed faster than shiny new 4- and 5-star heroes. Even if you could pick your roster out of a catalog, it takes time and rare stuff to develop the big time heroes to the point of being usable. By contrast, you can max a 3-star in a matter of days, with no rare stuff.

Stack your best three-stars against a titan’s weak color, and you can often get better Titan scores than with a half-leveled rainbow of 4- and 5-star heroes. Build a broad base of 3-star heroes in varied classes, and you’ll start knocking down valuable emblems from class trials in no time. And getting 30 heroes for war? Way faster with 3-stars than 4- and 5-stars. You’d be surprised what those teams of maxed 3-stars can do sometimes, too. I’ve been playing since September of last year (F2P, admittedly) and I’m still using a few stray 3-stars on my later war teams. You don’t have to flip every opponent. You can leave them wounded for a teammate, or use them to mop up the leftovers from a teammate who almost got it done. Happy gaming!


Thank you all for your time. Today I bought 3 the cheapest offers (600 gems + EHT). 3 x EHT gave me nothing as usual. 1-st gem pull from the Elemental was Wu Kong. Rest of gems will be spent for Teltoc event. Now with 2 A-class heroes (Wu and 3-60 Grimm + almost fully ascended Cyprian) I can try to focus on farming and levelling buildings (15 lvl SH and 13 lvl TC for now).


Dude, Wu Kong is a GREAT way to start beefing up your titan hits. Gives you a better chance at ascention items and more titan loot to use down the road. Congrats!


Thanks, I know i was lucky with him. Funny fact is that my friend playing this game since October 2018, pulled him 2 days ago and also it was hist wish list 4* number one.

My goal was to get Vivica but I am super happy with what I got.


My suggesting would be, build your base and get to TC 20 as quickly as you can, then you will have ample chance at all classic heroes without the need to spend gems, those gems can then be used to try for special events heroes.
Congrats on Wu, very good for Titans and can pull surprises for you in raids!.


@szparo You got one of the top 4 star heroes that everyone is after. Do not be in a rush to get 5 star heroes. Build your 3 star bench first then do your 4 stars and so on. Having a really good three star bench will greatly help in the rare difficulty seasonal events and the tourneys where only 3 stars are allowed.


I will echo that. 4 stars seem to be the meat and potatoes of this game… The 5 stars, fancy dessert that you don’t get all that often. :slight_smile:

If I were to quit playing now, I would be content in my experience as a whole in this game and I haven’t even leveled one 5* to the last ascension…

A team of full 4* heroes, a couple 4* troops and 0-6 emblems each can get you near 3600 team power… which is starting to get pretty high.

The real fun for me, is seeing what heroes work best with eachother, and executing your plan… so new 4* heroes are always welcome for me.

Don’t feel too bad for being a bit “behind” in the alliance, I would rather have an enthused, active player with nothing fancy on my side when compared to someone who is inactive and inconsistent with a good roster on my side.


Take it from someone that knew no better. Do NOT be in a hurry for 5*s
Making a 10 draw is a nice plan. If you ARE in a really nice alliance, you do NOT have to force your team up by BUYING heroes and then not being able to ascend them.


You have a good idea in the pulls and buying those specials but the truth is that a great hero or a few great heroes aren’t going to make you better for your team at titan hits or wars, it’s your depth. Maxing as many 3s as you can and focusing on having a main strong team, preferably a rainbow as you have that matches your style of play. I would swap Hu Tao for Wu Kong but surely would need both maxed and both are valuable esp if you got fast mana troops. The key is to have 30+ heroes maxed so you can fight in wars and have opportunity to win with your 6 flags or at least take out a tank for your team mates. It takes some time to build your depth so find a system that works best for you and stick with it to max out as many heroes as you can and as @Oliz suggested get your tc to 20 asap and have as many as possible on 11 to max out your heroes and you’ll be fine. You have a decent roster of 4s that you mentioned just have to make them work for you


Thanks again for your help. I really appreciate it. After pulling out Wu Kong I stopped to look after other heroes I could potentially get. My priority for now is feeding him and getting 4-70 as soon as possible to make my titan hits significant. I’m not in a rush anymore. At the moment I have 3 TC’s built (2 x TC11 and one TC6 or 7). I know I should focus on using TC11 as it is pretty efficient but I used to spam TC4 to get 1 or 2* in 30 minutes. The problem with TC4 is that I usually don’t have more than 5-8 backpacks at the time. An exception is Atlantis and spamming province 1 in season 2 to get them as many as possible.

My plan for now is feeding my bench. Smart people like you told me that I should not expect anything and in such a situation any pull that is more than average would be a reward. So yes, on Thursday I am gonna pull 10x without any expectations and will see. I just got to admit that Jackal would be a great buffer with Wu. But still, you can’t beat the odds.

I am pretty happy that there is a bright future and a place to develop my roster anyway, no matter what happens.


Congrats on Wu Kong. Otherwise doing a pull on Teltoc event isn’t bad idea, considering both event 4* are great and combined with Wu Kong, they will ramp up damage on green (Falcon) or purple (Jackal) Titans. Also Jackal is very fast hero, which is obviously very cool. Guardian Panther is great too, but is considerably harder to pull.

Also as other suggested, it is a good idea to rush to TC20 (but don’t neglect building production buildings too much, otherwise you’ll get delayed by resources). However, even once build it is a long run, so be patient.

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@szparo it looks like you have a great grasp on the game and a good outlook. :+1: any alliance should be happy to have you.


Today I gave 2 shots to Elemental draw and got Colen. I hoped to get Boldtusk or Gormek to put them on position 2 next to Cyprian. I know the biggest weakness of Colen is his slow mana and low defence so usually he dies before using his special ability. But as Kelile is the only 4 red star hero I guess he is worth maxing for my defence team and green titans.

Is any of these two (Kelile and Colen) worth maxing to 4-70 and if yes, which of them should be ascended first. Grimm has average mana, Cyprian and Wu Kong too, my greens have it slow so I wonder if putting there another slow mana hero won’t be too much for raids.

I have kelile maxed, can’t tell that she is superior, but her shot is ok

I don’t have Colen yet, the only normal 4* I don’t have.
If the 5 characters above is the team you plan to use you may have problems. Colen is slow but his special is very powerful. You are probably going to need a healer to make sure he fires

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