Guardians of Teltoc - Event summons results


You can’t be disappointed if you don’t expect anything :smiley:

I wanted 2 Jackals and 1 Falcon, so I’m kind of ok with those pulls :smiley:


I have been very blessed since the past two months been playing this game. Hope the luck continues…

1 x 10 pulls:
1 guardian jackal
1 guardian falcon
1 Kiril (been wanting him since the very beginning I thought this hero is very cute until I reallY got to know his power —and really wanted him then)
1 Chao (don’t have him either)
5 three stars: Karil, Jahangir, Tyrum, and others. I forgot tbh…

I got giddy and greedy and did two more pulls
and I got Guardian Jackal AND my second Gregorion along with Berden.

Fun fact, I also got my first Gregorian in a single pull ALSO with Berden. I think archery bond them together. They should bring Lianna next time.

Anyway. So. So. Happy. I hope this don’t bite me back once the next event begin. I only have gems for one more 10 pulls…


oH, here are some screenshots…



Did a single pull (first one in over a month)

… Jackal and Gregorion :money_mouth_face:


I’m a small spender only, saved up gems for a 10x pull. Got 9 3*, and Kasshrek number 7. SEVEN.

I knew not to have my hopes up, but still… would’ve been happy with any event hero, 4* or 5* (but I did want Panther most).


trying my 5th & final pull for either jackal or panther, i want jackal more though. sigh, here it goes:

guardian jackal (yes yes yes!! thank e egyptian gods!)


Did 1x10 pull and 4 single pulls more and last one i got her:-)))

Total: 42 pulls
1x G Panther
1x G Kong
3x G Jackal
2x G Falcon
rest 7x4* and 28x3*