Guardians of Teltoc - Event summons results

I thought it would be interesting to track how many people got this Event heroes.

I saved up around 1600 gems + bought a few offers. Did 7 Event Summons (2200 gems) and the results are:

5* (x1) - Richard
4* (x2) - Scarlett, Gormek
3* (x4) - Nashgar, Friar Tuck, Brienne, Gunnar

No Event Heroes or HOTM :frowning:

I’m glad I didn’t buy the 400 gems offer from the shop as I planned (wanted to do 10x pull).

Anyone willing to share their results? :slight_smile:

Here are my 50 pulls :slight_smile:


So that’s 3 Event Heroes out of 50 pulls, wow. :no_mouth:

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300 gems


Saved up gems for 1x10 pull, and got what I hoped for… :heart_eyes:

3 :star: 7 (Belith x2, Brienne, Friar Tuck, Isshtak, Graymane, Karil)
4 :star: 3 (Guardian Jackal x2, Little John)

…and HOTM Gregorion :upside_down_face:


■■■… 1 pull?? epic hero token can use for this draw?

Did six 10x pulls and got

6 G. Falcons (really 6! How many should I keep?)
1 G. Jackal
1 Isarnia (funny that I almoat never get any other 5* than blue ( earlier: alasie, richard, magni)
1 Domitia (already have her)
1 G. Kong
1 G. Panther (yeay)
2 Gregorion

And other unimportant stuff

Quite happy with my luck :slight_smile:


You can’t use Epic Hero tokens for Event Summons, you can only buy them for gems (300 gems for a single one and 2600 gems for 10x).

seems like everyone getting panther easy… tempted to try pulling…

20 Pulls got 1 Jackal & 1 Boril + 18 3*

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will try when i get home from work. hope to get guardian & panther. i only got 2 x 5* heros now, magni & marjana (both not full maxed yet)

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I did 4 10x pulls:

  • 1x Elena
  • 1x Guardian Kong
  • 1x Guardian Jackal
  • 3x Guardian Falcon
  • 1x Gregorion :smile: :tada:
  • Lots of other 3* and 4* duplicates

No Guardian Panther, sadly, but I got everything else I was looking for, so I’m good with that. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I wanted Jackal SOO BAD cause I don’t have any decent yellows except Delilah. No luck for me tho :frowning:

issit better to pull single or a group pull? lexinen seems to have gotten 3 out of 4 event heros!

No difference to be honest. Single pulls give you an advantage of stopping when you get what you want. For example you do 3 single pulls and get the hero you want and save the rest of your gems, if you do the 10x pull and get the hero you want at the beginning there’s no way of stopping the pulls.

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23 pulls

  • 3 :star: x18
  • 4 :star: x5
    • new hero: Colen
  • 5 :star: x1
    • new hero: Gregorian

0 event’s heroes… Guardians still eludes like also Kiril me but I’m not that upset as I got Gregorian.


10 x 10 pulls.

2 x Gregorian
1 x Lianna
1 x Elena
1 x Guardian Owl
1 x Jackal
4 x Guardian Falcon

No Panther :frowning:


Did 5 single pulls, got falcon and Sonya!
Hopefully there will be more epic gem offers so I can try to get panther :slight_smile:

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Only had 1800 gems.
Boldtusk first pull
Panther second pull

Misc three stars from other four pulls. Tbh I was just hoping for jackal and maybe a bonus of Greg but pretty happy with what came out of my limited pulls.

Super happy I should say :smiley:


I pulled 10x twice:

First time i got jackal, panther, new 4* rigard, two dup 4*, gregorion :heart:

Second time I tried for falcon I got three dup 4*, Domitia, and sonya.

Altogether I’m extactic about my pulls :grin:


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