Guardians of Teltoc Event heroes worth it?

Hey all! I thought id open a topic for our latest event heroes. They seem kinda meh to me compared to other heroes in their tier except maybe for jackal. Very fast mana does sound promising. What is that, 6 tiles?

Anyways interestes in what the community thinks before i go and spend gems on them.

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Many of my alliance-mates are interested in Panther…could be good!

Jackal followed by panther followed by the rest that all look and sound cool but the mana speeds are a turn off.

Jackal and Panther only for titan fights.
Owl and Monkey not so bad, ma not better of Ares/Marjana/Joon/Vivica.

What would you use Owl and Monkey for? I’m still struggling to find a use case; Kong on crappy titan board maybe, Owl as last stand in the corner? That’s only a subset of cases where the raid is close which most of the ones I’ve had are pretty much one sided for either the attacker or the defender.

Jackal, Falcon, Panther I think are the interesting ones, certainly for what I care primarily about (titan damage) but for me Panther is likely default purple for raid attacks too (though purple isn’t short options there).

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Yeah, something like you said.
I don’t love them either, but based on how much they kicked my ■■■ if i don’t have a good board, they should be not half bad.

Before throw them away, maybe i give them a chance :blush:

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