Guardians of Teltoc: ending loop glitch

Less than three minutes from end of event (PDT time zone) I enter the final level of Guardians of Teltoc, Epic mode. I complete the level a winner. Don’t remember how long I took. It was after the three minutes, but completed nonetheless. The ending story plays out, but after that second screen with the owl, the story loops and does not move forward no matter what I touch on screen. Pressed “back” using my phone controls and received my three summon tokens for participation in all difficulty modes, nothing else.

Noticed the other topic with the story loop error that prevented entry into quest. Since this is an ending / event completion loop, and the other topic being solved, I’ve opened this new game error thread.

That’s right, you have to finish the game in time. Just to start the final level within the time is not enough.

Unfortunately @AEros, this comes up after every event. You must finish said event BEFORE time expires or it does not count. Sorry you lost out. Time is not always on our side, no matter what the large lipped singing gentleman tells you.

That would explain why I didnt receive my compass after the loop error occurred. Would it be too much to ask for a link to a few of these topics you mentioned where similar has happened before, please? It would help.

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Good evening, an epic hero event passed did not give a reward. Who will return the lost time and spent supplies to pass the test? Very disappointing, such a failure. Just a couple of such failures and quit playing. In our alliance, two more have the same failure, were left without rewards. developers think about the problem.


Thanks @Olmor, work was being a bugger!!

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Slight edit of my post since the primary issue still prohibits intended gameplay.

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