Guardians Heroes - Looking for players who love the game, war, and Dags

Thanks for dropping by!

Guardians Heroes is an alliance in the Guardians family. Our goal is to have fun and grow in this game, doing it mostly through intelligent play! We have grown from 9 players to 22 in the last 6 months!

Our goal is to be a top 500 alliance or at least be the best we can be. The core group has already been in the 400s previously and our past friends are now top 100. We are currently number 3000 with only 20 players!

We’re killing 12 star titans with only 22 players. I think this is where we want to be, but if we naturally go to 13 and can handle it, this is OK too. Titans are not our focus though.

As an alliance, we want to be constantly improving, to have fun, and be good to each other. I’d rather see efficient and intelligent play with the roster you have than to have a great roster and not know how to use it!

The majority of players have about seventeen 5* heroes. One player has 5 but really knows how to get the best out of his roster. We have two players that have 30+ 5 star heroes.

We’re an even split between cheap to play and some light pay to play, with a few free to play.

These are the requirements. If you are a superstar and think you can improve quickly, we’re flexible:

  • 2000 cups
  • Thirty 4/5 star war ready heroes
  • Positive, PG 13 chat
  • We strongly recommend using Discord to communicate. The family uses Line, so if you want more game advice or social, you can get as much as you can handle!
  • War is expected but it’s OK to opt out from time to time, real life is more important than the game
  • Use all flags in war, 80K on titans, 1 harpoon per titan, be a team player

GUARDIANS FAMILY OF ALLIANCE’S: (Listed from Training to Advanced)
Guardians Academy
Guardians Rising
Guardians University
Guardians Ascending
Guardians Heroes
Guardians Reborn

If you’re interested, please contact Easysteps#4173 on Discord, Tangy451#1600 (Discord) or tangy451 (Line). Or just drop by, we are open at this point.

May the boards always be in your favor!


Hi everyone,

I am a co-leader with Guardians Heroes and would like to invite you to come meet us! We are a close-knit group, we’ve moved around a bit and finally found our home with the Guardians family, which already feels like a great place to be :blush:

If you have good gaming habits, you are looking to be the best you can in a supportive environment and want to help build something great, come say hi, the door is open!

You can also reach out to Easysteps or myself at Tangy451#1600 (Discord) or tangy451 (Line)


I’ve visited our new room in the alliance, lovely group to chat to and they would love to have you join and grow with them :grin:


Thanks for stopping by Wraith, you are welcome anytime. And thank you for the bump :wink:


Everyone else is doing it, so why not?

Yep, I know it means nothing, we’re a new alliance and new alliances get mismatches, but we have improving rosters and can fight well with what we have.


We welcomed a new teammate, scored another war win and are already slaying 6* titans. We’re moving up in the world :laughing:
Come play with us, where else can you be a Guardian and a Hero at the same time? :wink:


Still undefeated in war, up to 8* titans now and growing! The sky is the limit (and what the OP says above :slight_smile:)



Do you use Line? Reach out to Kayo2527, and let’s have a discussion. :+1:

9-0 in war, killing 9* titans with only 10 members.

We got some new members, we’d like to see more!

First one to join gets a free Telluria! * Some conditions may apply… a lot of conditions, like Hero Academy actually being released and it allowing trading.


As a sister alliance I can vouch these are experienced friendly team mates, call in and say hi, you could be a perfect fit.


One month in and we’ve been growing slowly but steadily, now at 11 members and taking down 10* titans. But most of all, we’ve loved every minute of it! Now the real work begins.
So, what will you find if you join us? (i.e. besides competitive titans and a free Telluria, lol)
People passionate about the game and respectful to each other, a mix of rosters and the ability to make them work well together in war and an environment where your voice as an experienced player will be heard.
No flags missed and everyone giving 100%!

Did I mention we just opened our second war chest? Now is the perfect time to jump on board!

Building an alliance doesn’t need to be difficult with the right people :slight_smile:


Mod translation:
Good morning, I am at level 66 but I do not have much experience because I play from time to time. You would help me grow.

Buenos dias, estoy en el nivel 66 pero no tengo demasiada experiencia pues juego de vez en cuando.Me ayudarias a crecer.


Hi @trip2, thanks for your interest. Unfortunately I don’t speak Spanish; the language of communication in the alliance is English. Come find me on Line or Discord (see OP) if you like and we can chat.


And from time to time you get visitors from other members of the Alliance to help with a rare titan or chat and say hi, really friendly group and the depth of experience is great. We also chat in our Line room, share tips, and have a laugh, call in and say hi :smile:


Don’t look back and wonder why you never invested in Guardians Heroes. It’s the one alliance stock that continues to rise!

It’s currently “open.” I challenge anyone to stop in, say hello, and still want to leave.


Know that feeling, when you’re in AW and you’re down to your last 2 flags and enemy team has a 255 point lead? Feels hopeless doesn’t it? Well at Guardians Heroes we wouldn’t know, we just go ahead and win anyway!



If you think you have what takes to never give in maybe come over and check us out!


Still looking for quality players that want to join a great team!

If you like talking about the game, heroes, combinations and such, this is the place! I’ve created a number of guides to help you in war, heroes, etc. I’m also looking to improve myself as well.

Had another win over a quality opponent, we are now 14-2 in war. 9* titans, but with only 11 members (now 13).



Are you war oriented? Do you appreciate great teamwork and like to challenge yourself?

Come war with us and you’re in for a treat!
We’re small but deadly and absolutely fearless :slight_smile:

No crazy rosters are necessary either, bring your best game and let’s get those war chests filled!

Current war record 17-2


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