Guardians group is OPEN


Guardians Academy - designed for fresh, new players and staffed by experienced tutors

Guardians Ascending - a relaxed, fun environment to grow once you know your Kiril from your Karil.
RECRUITMENT STATUS - 800 Cups, invite only, please reply to discuss

Guardians Reborn - daily dragon slaying and warmongering for the E&P addicts. Still loads of fun chat and advice. 2000 cups (negotiable)
RECRUITMENT STATUS - Invite only - Reply below to discuss.

Cross-alliance line chat - social, gaming and leadership threads.

If you want to know more then ping me on Line to discuss @ annie_br

PM for Guardians Reborn

Bouncy bouncy …

We have had a number of retirees this month for health, work, social media avoidance

So space for your friends and family in Guardians Reborn !

It won’t last long - roll up, roll up , the show is about to start :slight_smile:


Do u have a spot in Guardians Reborn? 2200+ cups


Yep - come on over :slight_smile:


Apologies for using the forum to send a PM, but I couldnt think of another way to contact my alliance !

@Kikyo @therocketcat @PhelanKell

My phone screen has gone mental ! I can hopefully get the game on my tablet later, but might be away until i can get it fixed :frowning:


You can play the game on a PC.


Say what now?

I genuinely did not know that.

What rock have I been under?



@Annieb I moved your posts to your recruiting thread to avoid confusion. :slight_smile:

If you need help cleaning up this thread later once you’ve gotten in touch with alliance mates, just tag me, and I’ll be happy to help. :heart:


awesome - thanks so much @zephyr1


You can also download Line on PC to still chat. I’ve posted in the leaders group and will let people know in game. Hopefully you get it sorted out soon!

Big Nox is another alternative for an Android emulator for PC.