Guardians Family 🛡️ - Membership Guarantees HOTM - join now for August

Join a team of almost 100 active players from those in their first weeks to national and global #1 ranks:

Guardians Academy - designed for new players and staffed with experienced leaders.

Guardians University - for players that want to learn and grow fast

Guardians Ascending - when players want to get serious about building a winning team, it’s time to Ascend

Guardians Warlords - attention to detail and an environment for arch strategists - Line use is mandatory in our newest venture.

Guardians Reborn - the gold standard heading to the top.

We have different Line groups for social and game chat

Our leadership is experienced and dedicated and also a lovely bunch of people

Loads of shared resources for quests, events, farming and wars

We also maintain Guardians Paradise for when members need to put the game as a lower priority or park an Alt.

Reply here to ask questions or request membership.


@annieb @kikyo @phelankell @kayo @kitten @fabulasumus @kitten

Please direct potential recruits here as appropriate


I appreciate the love! I’m always happy to help out if you guys need it, but my Warren is my home!


I’m not sure were I might fit in I’m a level 41 4k+ defence 6 war teams 3k+ I’m looking for an alliance with as close to 0 flags remaining after war as possible !!! I do 20/30 k on all titans except blue I have good green hero’s but materials for green just elude me !!
Pb on titan 58k normal around 30k
Just pulled ranvir so I’m expecting my first 100k Hit shortly !!


Thanks cause my alliance has been getting better but never under 20 flags left and it’s a little frustrating
Yes ok it’s casual but war is optional and left over flags is just screwing your teammates who actually make an effort !!


Hi @Luckyclover666

In all the wars I’ve been a part of in this alliance, we’ve had 3 flags not used, total. Those 3 were from a person who got stuck in an all day work event.

I like to joke if you want to come to a place where you never have worry about war flags being used, we’re that place :innocent:

Do you have Line? (not required, but helps)
@Annieb can work the details out with you.

But from a lowly, but loveable, member like me, it’s a perfect blend of people knowing how to pull their weight, and social fun casual (I’m in Reborn).


Morning @Luckyclover666

Thanks for your interest :+1:

As mentioned, you would fit Reborn or Warlords

Reborn is well established, if you want to try us, knock on the door and we’ll let you in.

Warlords is a new group being built from a small seed of war-keen Reborn members. You fit the criteria, but would need Line and an appetite to build something new with some other top players. @Kikyo can discuss if you’re interested.


If you have Line, my line ID is: utenablackrose

Looking forward to chatting with you :slight_smile:

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Yes you are more than welcome to join us in Guardians Warlords if you fancy it - there are just 4 of us there at the moment, but a few more are meant to be coming over in the next week or so. :slight_smile:

We are so new that we are currently swatting 2* titans. But it is good fun, facing the challenge of building a new alliance branch from the ground up, and you are more than welcome to be a part of it. :smiley:

Reborn is also excellent. I have lived there almost my whole EnP life, should you want a more established alliance… :slight_smile:


I am interested in finding out more about you


Thanks to all for the reply I’m sitting out this war and will decide if I’m leaving for my alliance for good btw I’m in masters of the universe in case you want to check and my line is luckyclover666
Feel free to contact me so we can stay in touch change is always a little difficult so it might be a little while till I can push myself :wink: but it’s sound awesome cause it’s so frustrating to loose wars that are an easy win if everyone participates !! Same with titans titan chest takes a week every time also a little tiering !!

Hi Misty you can contact our co-leader @annieb on Line ID- annie_br

Or post any questions here. What sort of level are you at?

We expect Titan hits and war hits unless otherwise stated. All our alliances encourage friendly chat but Line in only mandatory in Warlords.

Plsyers are expected to progress through the alliance family as their experience and roster grow but this is always done in a relaxed manner. There is no expectation to spend any money.

Spaces going fast. Sign up or ship out.

I looked at line. I am not sure I like their permissions on my phone. Are you on discord? I am on discord.

I am at level 45. Did not get my first 5 star until last November. Right at this moment I am swimming in potential. Just need time to level up heroes which takes forever


I have a discord account, but I haven’t really used it that much. My discord tag is:


Reply here to let me know that you found me :).


Hello, I believe I sent you a friend request in discord. Please let me know if it worked


Indeed, it did :smile:


Bump. Killing all the things, winning the other things…grow yadda yadda


@JonahTheBard @Kikyo @Bruno82 @Kitten and sometimes @Kayo are a joy to share an Alliance with!

And we use all our flags! :sunglasses:


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