Guardians event guide


Any screenshots of the loot from the first event available?


what would be a nice team to compete?

I’m thinking about fltr Rigard (4-58), Sartana (4-3), Delilah (4-9), merlin (4-63) and Caedmon (4-70)

I got
yellow: wu kong maxed, jackal maxed, li xiu 3-60
purple: –
blue: Magni 4-5, Sonya 4-57, Grimm maxed
green: Zeline 3-55
red: bt maxed, Colen 4-35

Am i taking right decision or should i replace one of the heroes? It’s my 2nd guardian event and first time i had only few heroes, so couldn’t compete at all.

Like to hear opinions :slight_smile:


BT, merlin, sartana, rigard, grimm