Guardians event guide

As It’s coming soon i want to prepare for This event. I searched here for data like mobs color in each stage, bosses, rewards, etc. But don’t have success. Anyone has that info? The first to bring it Will get panther and Greg in The first pull in The even.

Rofl, we will see…



Thanks a lot. 20 chars.

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I’ll kidnap the topic :smiley:

Anyone who knows what the rewards are? :smiley:

Btw, seeing that mobs are only reflecting, unlike bosses, what is the best way to put up your team?

Strong vs mobs (weak vs boss(es))
Weak vs mobs (strong vs boss(es))


And what about Wu?

I guess that’s the challenge. I have never played Guardians, so I am also wondering. Can Wu survive the mobs to be useful for the bosses (solution: revive him just for the bosses, or bring enough healers)?

So far, with any reflect effect, I try to just avoid the color that is reflected. Wu Kong being a key element of my best teams and having never participated in a yellow reflect event, it was no problem. For this one, it might be a big hurdle. We’ll see. Hopefully, more experienced players can share their insights.


If you want to Bring Wu you should also keep in mind that Guardian Owl reflect Yellows.
Then bring some revive scrolls.

If you follow the carpet bombing strategy then bring heroes strong vs mobs, if you want to kill even bosses with tiles then bring heroes who are strong VS mobs and not weak VS boss, like reds.
And maybe Purples, Id avoid bringing Blues, they’ll slow you down on waves. Maybe only on n°7.

I thought in a team with 3 reds and 2 purples for all but 5 and 10. It it will be like the june event i don’t have insterest in the 3* anda can’t do the 5* yet. So i will focus on the 4*

Maybe I should know it, but what is the carpet bombing strategy?

Dragon Attacks, Bombs, Axes, Arrows
To benefit the most from this strategy you should at least use 2 fingers :joy:

When get to the boss use bom attack, axes, and whatever you have to decrease their lifes.

Against the minion waves or against the bosses?

To specify: you kill the bosses by firing 5x of every attack at them (they die pretty much instantly)

Against bosses, you use strong colors to kill minions.

I will try this at Legendary 10 couldn’t beat red hood and here gang last time, this strategy sounds good. Need to upgrade Forge asap now :joy_cat:

Red hood were 3x 5500hp bosses.

5x dragon + 5x bombs = -3500 if fired at once. Last 2 slots super mana pots and te stop or revive scrolls. Proffit :slight_smile:

To specify further, on the last stage before the boss(s), charge up all of your heroes with tiles, ghost tiling against 1 enemy left is a great strategy here, then when you kill them (with tiles only) and go to the final stage, throw all of your arrows, axes, bombs, dragon attacks, and you should be able to finish them off if they’re still standing with your charged attacks. It’s an expensive strategy, but a reliable one.

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Memo in official language

Final stage



What heroes would you advise me to use on rookie (3*) stages? I have maxed:

Red: Hawkmoon, Nashgar
Purple: Balthazar, Tyrum
Green: Brienne, Belith
Blue: Valen, Gunnar, Graymane
Yellow: Bane, Kailani

I’m thinking about:
Hawkmoon, Balthazar, Brienne, Valen, Tyrum

On stage 5 and 10 switching Tyrum for Nashgar.

My priority is to finish it without too many struggles.

Best would be 3 Red and two purple.
Do nashgar, Hawk, tyrum, Balthazar, brienne

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