Guardians Ascending of the Guardians Family of alliances. 4 spots open. 4000+ TP. 11/12* Titans

Guardians Ascending is the 5th level of the Guardians Family of alliances. We strive to play at a high level while having fun and growing an advanced roster.

•4000+ TP
•2000 cups
•War is generally expected, FFA, All flags used, occasional opt out is ok (we understand real life gets in the way from time to time lol)
•Hit the titan daily. Hit early hit often. 100k average damage over 10 titans.

We are an active group with a friendly atmosphere looking for dedicated players. Stop in and say hello. Request to join and mention this add if the doors are closed, come on in if they are open! See you soon! :grin:

GUARDIANS FAMILY OF ALLIANCE’S: (Listed from Training to Advanced)
Guardians Academy - spots open
Guardians Rising - spots open
Guardians University - spots open
Guardians of the North! - spots open
Guardians Ascending - spots open
Guardians Reborn - FULL


Hello there!

Our Guardians family has alliances from beginner to advanced! Check the below chart to see where you might fit in. You can always pop in to say hi to us at one of the alliances and we can guide you to the right group. Or you can contact us here or one of our leaders on Line/Discord as indicated in the chart.

As we celebrate GrandFlyer’s retirement from the Ascending’s leadership, we’d like to thank her for her tireless effort and invaluable care for her teammates. She is a superwoman in our eyes. We will truly miss her leadership.

But not to dismay! Please allow me to introduce you to our new leader at Ascending, DefaultRobert! If his humor does not lift you up, his keen leadership certainly will! (But generally his humor will get you through the day.)

And so we continue our journey. If you’re an active player, like to hit the Titan daily and participate in wars, please join us.


I can not thank you enough for your kind words @YodaCandy!!! You’re gonna make me :sob: It has been a great honor to be a part of leadership in such a wonderful family that will always be family to me :purple_heart:. Time for this gal to take a much needed break as the greatness of the current & upcoming members of Ascendings leadership shines brightly! :sunglasses:DefaultRobert is brilliant and will keep Ascending moving onward & upwards with his kind heart & unbelievable organizational skills!!!

I invite all to stop by say hello, stay a (long) while and watch the comedy acts performed by Yoda & Robert! Hehehe @ckara7 sits in the front row with popcorn. I’m sure she’ll share with you :rofl:


2 spots left! Come claim your spot!

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2 spots open. Killing 12s.
Come join us! Let’s reach 13


Hi GF!

Wow, a few years have passed since we last spoke, how are you?

Was feeling some interest to come back and play with y’all, think we could find a spot, nsybe in Rising, and see how it goes from there?

Y’all are still the best group I have ever played with.



Hi Sensy3itch,
you are welcome to join us in Rising. We are currently at 23/30, so even if Academy sends up some graduates we will have a sport free for you.


So good to hear from you we’ve missed you!! You can jump in over at Rising Thoran is the leader there these days. It’s great that you are interested in playing again :grin:

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Aw, thanks, and great to hear back from you! On my way!


4 spots open ready and waiting for new members! :slightly_smiling_face::yum:

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