Guardians Ascending of the Guardians Family of alliances. 1 spot open. 4000+ TP. 11/12* Titans

Thx I will. It will be awhile but certainly.

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@Ice_Saber, you’re incorrigible recruiter :face_with_monocle:

Everyone reading this thread should be seriously thinking about joining Guardians Ascending, one of the greatest training alliances of all time and the proving ground of champions.

@duhwhat1 , I will come and find you next time I’m a wandering minstrel and @Ice_Saber forgets to lock the basement :wink:

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@JonahTheBard I will be looking forward to it.

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It’s really not cool to do this on someone else’s recruiting add. Could you please remove your poster?

Sorry. Profuse apologies.
Fixed now.

Please forgive me. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Thank you! Water under the bridge as they say :blush: You were joking around with Duh and meant no harm (mischief follows him everywhere) :rofl:


4 spots reamaing! A full house is straight ahead :grin: Come join us!

All spots are spoken for :smiley:

Mischief us my middle name. Lol

1 spot now open. It’s a great time to check out the Guardians Family.

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