Guardian pulls


Where did that % info come from? Have I been not seeing an icon the whole time in E & P?


It is a recent addition but should be there for you as well. They have given the percentages on summons now.


Yeah. I stopped paying for diamonds and I got nothing from Event(nothing meaning, bane, hawkmoon, Dawa,kailani etc). Pretty annoying…


Nice, nice pull.

20x nice


1x Guardian Panther
2x Guardian Kong
1x Guardian Jackal
2x Guardian Falcon

Must have done 6/7 X10 summons
A few 4* heroes and the rest was food.


Gratz Lulu! Waiting has its rewards… Wait… You were suppose to pull two…:wink:


What is C2P and F2P :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


And finally you get it hahahaha… “PANTHER FROM WAKANDA” :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


maybe your luck at next month’s event the knight of avalon :muscle::blush:


Its Crazy… 20x10 :scream_cat::scream_cat::scream_cat::scream_cat::scream_cat::scream_cat:


50-ish complessive pulls from when I started on guardian’s event alone, I finally got 1 event hero from this x10 pull: Guardian Falcon.

Now I’m passing even low cost gems and I’m in a conflict between the heart and the brain to keep pulling heroes and just summoning troops and heroes from tokens & atlantis coins.


Just stop it.

You can try again when luck is better.


@whatisthis This month were the lukiest Guardian’s event with his x10 pull (the 50 were over my entire gaming time)



omg; mate you need to watch/heaR autocontrol tapes :smiley:


Not really, I just reached 60 € / 1y 4m budget but I just feel like Id start to enjoy the game better without trying so hard to collect events heroes. Not that I’ll not collect gems again trough my gameplay but I’ll just pass further cash offers as I’m out of luck apparently.


Good thing about event heroes is the event comes back around for another chance. I know most people don’t want to wait for the event to reappear but you get another chance.


I get my second Jackal today, I have one maxed and I will max this one too, soon, when my Chao will be at 3x60.

I did 7 pulls and get a second Rigard too.
I don’t know, I start working on Sartana, but after…
I have already all the regular 4* purple maxed + Proteus + Ameonna maxed too, unless Cyprian. So in the bench, I have Cyprian and a dupe of Tibs, Rigard, Sabina and Ameonna…
I’ll see maybe I’ll get another 5* purple, I have 11 Tabards…

Rather have a Falcon, but not this time… Next time maybe…


I did 10x pull and I had
2x Guardian Jackal
1x Guardian Kong
1x Guardian Falcon
and no Hotm, no more 4star.
I know Kong is garbage.
What do you think if it was worth pulling or not?


I did a single pull with 300 gems and got Falcon…

Then the epic token from the event gave me Zimkitha

Am I dreaming or what?


I spent what I had and only got my leg pulled. 15 times, to be precise.