Guardian pulls

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9 3* and Falcon, which I already have.
→ 2600 gems totally wasted


No, you can’t. Tokens are only used in Epic Summons.

that’s what makes me confused as far as I know it can’t if it’s an event

I did 70 pulls and got zero 5*, only good thing I got was 2 jackal, out of 70 pulls. Really well spent money.


3x10 pulls

Guardian Owl
2x Falcons

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Epic Hero Tokens can only be used in Epic Summons. Sometimes Even heroes are included in that (but only seasonal ones like Halloween, Easter etc.). During normal Events (like Guardians we have now) Event Summons replace Elemental Summons and include Event Heroes. You can’t use epic hero tokens on elemental summons or event summons :slight_smile:

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@Ichigo is right.

You used token to get panther? :face_with_monocle:

I withdraw my :like:. Should I hit dislike?
:feeling conned: :face_vomiting:

Bad bad @AleStone

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I was happy for him then realized it is a lie…


I knew that token could not be done at the event so I was confused when he said he could get panther from tokens :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
first I gave a sign of like but after reading I didn’t give a sign of likes :rofl::rofl::rofl:

4 pulls 2 3* jackal + Zimkitha


3 x 10pulls
1st 10 pulls- 2 jackals, 1 owl, 1 Joon (first!), remaining 3* (what are the odds, all Holy heroes for the good ones?)
2nd 10 pulls - all 3*
3rd 10 pulls - 1 Falcon, remaining 3*

I realized I’m already lucky enough to get some event heroes but darn it, I’m greedy and “where’s my panther?!” :stuck_out_tongue:

Falcon, he is the only hero with Elemental red defense debuff and he has high defense stat.

==History ==

IIRC Jackal was the first very fast mana speed, Owl was the first very slow.

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Only been playing since very end of Aug! Saved up enough gems to do 5 pulls on this event,
So I’m pretty happy! No guardians but buy has this added depth to my team! See you all in a couple months when they are all 3/60 and I have ascendancy questions :slight_smile:


4x4* and 5* from 5 pulls… nice! :wink:

Horgshall is one of the best tanks there is in the game; biggest hp for sure.

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Yes to say I was happy is a slight understatement, going to take awhile to lvl them all to useful, but having the options is great

I did 1 10x. Got a dup of G. Falcon and the rest regular 3*s

I probably would leave Horghall for a while.

I would suggest the other 4 asap depending on what you have currently.

Gormek and Grimm have a special that is used everywhere and are both very solid. Gormek could also serve as a tank in the early parts of the game.

Caedmon is a fast sniper that removes buffs from your enemy. This is very handy in raids.

Chao doesn’t get enough credit, he is fast and reduces mana. He can be very useful. Unfortunately I didn’t pull him until I was a ways into the game so he is at 60 and doesn’t get a lot of use.


I’ve been extremely fortunate early game! I’ve got kiril 4/70, sabina, sonya, agwe, melandor, and Gormek all 3/60. So this influx of 4* and Horgshall has been extremely timely. Thank you for the advice horg is 6th in my lvling queue

ah so you got a good base going.

Healers are super important and I see you have a few already. That is good, especially for wars. Your depth looks to be coming along nicely with these pulls.

Unfortunately, my pulls were nothing to be desired. about 15 pulls, my 5th tiburtus and 4th melandor and some 3*. Wasn’t my time.