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So I am applying emblems to Guardian Panther currently. I just got her to node 9 and the next node is the 3% defense node. However, the 3% def node at 125 emblems gives her the same defense bonus as the other nodes at 18 points. However, instead of 50 emblems it is 125 emblems for node 10! I get that it’s a 3% increase but it seems inequitable to charge 50 emblems for one defense node (make that most def nodes) and then charge 125 on the next node for the exact same bonus especially considering that at 3% her defense should bump up closer to 20 points as opposed to the 18 points that node 10 offers.

Percentages aside, one should get extra points for the extra 75 emblems required for the tenth node rather than essentially being a toll to cross the bridge. Obviously it doesn’t pan out this way for every hero but I believe this could be improved in Panthers case.

I believe this is an issue and am posting it as such.

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This is not accurate. While considered as a glass cannon by reason of her high attack stat (786) at the cost of her poor defense (630), 3% of her base defense is 18.9 to be exact but somehow, the game just rounded it off to its base number, 18. The same defense multiplier bonus varies from other fighter class heroes. Bold tusk would net 22 additional defense when such talent node is activated. Please be reminded that the Stat % bonus multiplier is based on the stat of the hero at unemblemed max level. And yes, I agree with you that it is somewhat unfair to spend 125 fighter emblems to get 18 defense stats when the same amount of defense stats can be gotten with 50 fighter emblems.


Okay, I didn’t realize it was base. As my Panther is currently 666 in def, 3% was higher than 18 points. Thanks for that clarification.

Thanks for that. And it’s really the crux of post even considering the 3% deal. I really do believe it’s inequitable and could be managed better and my hope is that posting on it might raise awareness. Hoping something comes around with it because 125 emblems is quite a bit extra to pay for the same bonus one gets at 50 emblems in her case.

That’s exactly what it is…


Percentage based nodes are based on the UNEMBLEMED base stats of the hero.

As sucky as it is for “glass cannons” it’s just the way it is… It’s worth noting that 5* heroes have the LEAST return for emblems invested… Like the 3* heroes get +15 attack for 7 emblems while a 5* hero gets +15 attack for 50 emblems… add to that +15 attack for a 5* is a considerably lower % increase on base stats compared to on a 3* hero and well…

Effectively what i’m trying to say is:

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Thanks Guv, appreciate the info and while I understand numbers wise why this happened, (knowing that the increases are based on base stats is very helpful) I still don’t think it’s equitable, or any less sucky as you put it, in terms of emblem cost :smile:

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