Guardian owl

This is bs 5 level 5 heroes kill lled 1 hit my heroes all 1250-1400 hit points even with 34 % defense reduction there is no way to kill all 5 1 shot

wow you got OWL’d.

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Guardian Owl has a very specific and powerful effect which is balanced by being very slow mana (he is the only hero in the game with such slow mana). Since his damage is increased by 50% for each dead ally in the latest patch, he can 1 shot your entire lineup if you let hit get his special off with all his allies dead. However there is a ton of counterplay since his special is so slow: target him first so he never gets his special off, let his special fire with all his allies alive so it does minimal damage, or ,if he’s the last one standing, throw tiles into empty space to gain double mana and kill him with your own specials without giving him mana.


Is owl now any good?

Only if another hero comes out with the ability to “ghost” the other heroes for a round so you can use his ability at full strength without the rest of your entire team being dead and at that point there would probably be too many moving parts for it to be usable on a reliable basis.

Which is a long-winded way of saying “no”.


In my defense, I had to make it more than 20 words.


I want to see it i want to see it i want to see it i want to see it i want to see it i want to see it.

Owl special drops at the same rate of the Halley’s comet :face_with_monocle:

Do you want to see it lay the egg or wait for it to hatch?

Reminds me of that old story about the bird that flies to the end of the world every thousand years to sharpen its beak. When the bird finally grinds the mountain into dust, is that when the Owl fires his special?


Whatever, I just got my ■■■ handed to me by an Owl tank.
Not even mad.


No. It’s the worst 5* Hero ever…

Just checking to see if the update made any impact on him.

Worst? …maybe. There are other bad ones that could claim that title.

I’d run him over Sargasso, maybe even Thorne.

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I think Sargasso gets a bad rap. I wouldn’t mind running him at all.

I’ve been seeing Sargasso more lately in the higher end raids. Not certain why people are using him in their defensive teams and they have him oddly placed when they do, but he’s not harmless.


No, it’s not a good hero. Probably the most unplayable one.

All I know is Owl will smoke me again in this upcoming guardian event.:upside_down_face:

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Not if you take him out first

Sargasso got a pretty decent buff with v1.10. With more healers in the “Heal over Time” camp, it’s easier to use his special to good effect. Still not an A-grade hero, but he’s probably slipped up to a B- from the well-earned C in v1.09.

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