Guardian Owl in War


Does anyone know how the Owl’s special works in war, specifically the ‘60% increase per dead ally’?

Let’s say one guy attacked my defense team first and killed one of my heroes. When the next guy attacks, my Owl’s special would be 235% + 60% right at the start or it’d be just 235% and the dead ally that got already killed wouldn’t be count?


Unless your dead hero is the Owl, I think so .:smiley:

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0% increase per dead caster… lol


Just… Leave him alone.
If you put him as central to let him charge, he pretty much die first and even if he manage to shoot once (a big “if”) he do the less damage possible.

Ideally he should be on the wings so he can be the last man standing, but there is nearly impossible to charge his special.

On flanks he has some chance to charge and do some damage, but honestly, i rather put any other hero there. And i mean it, any other.

On attack he has a super low tile damage and the same problems with the special, again any other yellow works better.

Soooo… keep him because is a cool character to show.
But show him at lv 1.


I got what you’re saying but my defense got Boss Wolf tank… so the Owl flanks… :smiley:

Kind off topic but Boss Wolf - Guardian Owl seems pretty effective… I won a lot of enemy raids. Since my troops (crits) are maxed plus Boss Wolf’s high defense stats, pp tend to have to stack yellow against him, then they would face the yellow Owl… :slight_smile:

Wolf is indeed meant to keep busy the opponent, so a critical troop seems the right choice.
Same as flank him with two yellows (for the reason you stated, people tend to color stacking yellow against him, even 3 or 4)

But i personally don’t flank him neither with Guinevre (she is effective only as central) nor owl.
I see quite better Drake lee and Delilah, or if you don’t have them Justice and Vivica.

If you happen to win with him, you probably win more with some other yellow.