Guardian owl - feedback


Ok, done tons of reading on the forum and can’t see how I would ever be able to use the bird.
Do you think I should just feed him to vivi or would putting him the team with Tryton be any sort of improvement? I don’t see a chance of devs ever improving his mana charge, sadly.

I really love the game and would hate a 5* to be used as meal but unless devs do something I think he will remain the least played card of all.

Have a good one and thanks for all your help.


Gratz & well done, @Kerridoc! First Panther?


Hang on to the dear owl… Never know what might happen in the future. A single 5* doesn’t take up much room on the roster, and they’re hard to come by.


Isarnia is a beast against titans. I leveled her and haven’t regretted it.


Thank you, and yes. Panther has eluded me for a year, so I had been very focused in my prep on today’s event. There’s the hard way to get Panther and the easy way. I’m not sure which route I took in the end. This was a brutally competitive event, with all top-ten finishers setting a new high score for Epic.


Double, or actually, triple gratz to you then for topping epic, getting your first Panther, and setting a new high score! :smiley:

It is definitely hard to tell as to which method is easier in getting Panther. I did 2x10 pulls but was mostly hoping for my 2nd Guardian Jackal and got him + Zim. I know some who did 5-10 x 10 pulls and hardly even saw a 4* event hero, much less a 5*. I’d rather play the challenge event though, rather than spend huge sums of cash on pull. Already have Sartana, Victor, Domitia, and Mokk-Arr on my to-do list, so not in a hurry to pick up another Dark 5*. Hope to be able to make it into the top 1000 or even top 100 next Guardians event.

Just a question @Kerridoc… I noticed the troops on your team… How much difference would leveled troops have made to your score, and how many 3* troops would you level if you decided defend your position next event? You won by only 3k points so if uclapack had equal or better troops, he might have pipped you to the top.

O, and thank you once again! You guys at the 7Ds have been a great help :+1:


Better troops would make a small difference, which normally I would discount but here small differences matter. In the current strategy, almost all of the benefit would come from a better troop under the hero who gets the final round of mana pots to take out the boss level.

At Legendary, where you can use 4* mana troops, the difference is important. Below that, though, I don’t think troop levels made a material difference.


I might have drank a little too much and then pulled out my credit card for summons. I don’t know how many 10x I did. At least 5. Got 3 Falcons, 2 jackals, 2 Zims and Panther. Bunch of 4s and lots of feeder 3s.
Although now my issue is i dont have much room to keep feeders and I’m not sure which dup 4s to keep…
I’m super happy about Panther though! I took her titan hunting today and it wasn’t even a stacked team or a holy titan and i still managed to almost beat my top titan score!


Just buy more hero slots. They’re cheap. Both jackals are worth keeping and leveling up.


I think the only 4* I’ve ever fed away is Skittle. That witch has popped up like 5 times for me!


But i do looove the image of the owl, he looks so grate and proud and sophisticated xD