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Hi guys
Not sure how I feel about the guardian owl, this event. I was “lucky” to pull him but his mana scares me. I seem to be lucky pulling slow mana characters… Elena, vivica, isarnia… yes if it’s slow mana I will defo get it lol. I was thinking if it would make any sense to place him as a tank next to sartana and possibly vivica but not sure what about the end positions as I could chose from greg, justice, elena, isarnia or richard.

Do you think it makes ANY sense to pack any materials in him. My aegir has been sat peacefully on the bench for a while as I am a bit worried about giving my hard earned goodies to all slow heroes…

Any feedback will be much appreciated.
Most of my 5*are waiting for the final accession waiting for one item each, apart from maxed Elena (which despite slow mana I learned to love).

I was soooooo looking forward to this event this time round saved my gems like crazy as I always read that guardian heroes are one of the best and this is what it got lol.

Any feedback will be much appreciated x

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You have good heroes, forget owl.

Greg - Elena - Richard - Vivica - Sartana


Greg - Isarnia - Vivica / Justice - Elena - Sartana

I’d go with the first because the lady is too slow to me

Your other slow mana heros are actually some of the better ones I wouldn’t be too concerned, not to mention you have some other desirable 5* as well. Owl however, is not worth putting resources into IMO - he’s unfortunately the worst of the guardians.

Thanks! Might take him to 3.70 and how it goes.
Still not sure, just as with Aegir.

Aegir is 100% worth it

Skip the Owl. Level him to 2/60, play with him a bit, then decide if he’s even worth the orbs. My guess is no, but I wouldn’t spend those orbs on him without being sure. I’d ascend Aegir twice before ever giving mats to Owl but that’s me, you gotta figure out what works best for you.

& I have the same problem as you, I seem to get all of the slow ones too, so you’re not alone. Horghall, Justice (x2), Azlar (x5!!!), Isarnia, etc. and most recently, Boss Wolf. Haven’t even touched him, and probably never will. Even if he was my only purple 5*, I still would pick a 4* over spending anything on him. Guardian Owl is better than him though, so maybe you can find a use for him where I couldn’t for the wolf. By the way, Viv and Isarnia are some of the best slows.

& If you do add G Owl to your defense, I wouldn’t make him tank but maybe flank so he could charge, and because his special works best if a few of his own allies are already dead. Preferably, I’d keep him out of your teams altogether, but figured I’d mention it just in case you think he’s worth it.

I would always run a full rainbow defense team to deter people from color-stacking against you, and would never ever put two of the same color next to each other (like G owl and Viv). If you can’t do full rainbow, at least don’t duplicate the color of your tank anywhere else in your defense team, that makes it too easy to stack. And if you have to use two of the same color, at least separate them so they’re not close together.


Well, you guys might just be right. I’ll lock him so he doesn’t get eaten by mistake and let him sit on the bench. Just maybe devs wil improve him one days and he will be worth the materials.
I confirms what I was thinking in a way as can’t find anything good about him.


Owl is designed to be the last man or owl standing. His special shines when he has dead allies all 4 of them. He could wipe out the entire enemy team by one shot by then. His placement will be in the outer wing. Give him a mana troop and a hero with elemental link like drake for addtl 5% attack and defense for 6 turns. Honestly I just got owl. Played with him at level 1/1. He looks promising though. Also got aegir, looks promising although haven’t figured out how to exploit his usefulness.


Hmm… now you messed up my plan:-)
I’ll finish Grethel and think about the poor slow owl. He looks quite sweet, in a way. Strong, slowly taking in what’s happening around huge geek. And then, if he can survive, boom!

As for Aegir, no idea how I could use him either.
Time will tell

Owl is actually slower than Elena, Viv and Isa. If Viv isnt maxed out I would put my efforts into ascending her, and putting owl on the bench after Justice if you are still interested in ascending him. Viv and Isa are both great heroes in spite of slow mana. Elena is also still really useful

You can still up the Owl to 3/70 for fun use if you have the extra orbs.
Use a super mana pot especially during events. The mana speed is irrelevant then.

@RandaPandah the Wolf is still one hell of a tank. I would make him at least a 2nd purple 5*. He is still tough as nails and great on events.

Is he though? Idk, I have Ares and I feel like he’d make a better tank than Wolf. Even Aegir, who I also have. Plus I have two Hels, so she’s my tank at the moment. I feel like even she’s a better tank than the wolf, but I could be wrong about that. He obviously has better defense, but I think her complete shutdown of at least two (because the Al sucks) is better than the lowered generation from Wolfie even though it’s on all. Plus she’d probably go off twice before he ever goes off once. Idk, maybe he’s worth it, but I feel like my other options might be better. If he has promise I might put aside second Hel for now and get him in the works, but my gut is telling me second Hel could be a lot of fun :heart_eyes:

Okay back to the Owl, he’s super destructive when all allies are dead, but for that to happen he’d need to be in the corner. By then, your opponent should be ghosting tiles to avoid charging him. & If he doesn’t charge, he never will go off. Maybe if he had a high leveled mana troop paired to him it could be possible, but even then he could still be fairly easy to avoid.

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Stop showing off. :rage:

Yes 2 Hel’s are better for power stacking and she is one of the best tanks around.
I hate Wolf for the fact that I dont like bringing dispellers (bad habit of mine). A bad board often pushes me into a corner when Wolf launches his special. I hate that Riposte. His def and hp stats are very high.

Owl is a tank similar to Wolf. If he doesnt die at the tank spot he can be a nightmare. Putting him in the corner is the same as not putting him in at all. Put him at tank at least you can still gamble that your opponents get a bad board.

All tanks with HoT are basically a pain if they get to launch their specials (Guin/Wolf/Aeron/Ares/Albi/Owl). Do note that no hero is invincible. Just that some of them are less forgiving than others when you have a bad board.


Owl is a great event boss and a lousy hero. I seem to have a knack for drawing the bad ones: I drew Sargasso on the first Pirates, and Kong on the first Guardians. Both are still on my bench at 1/1.


Y ou say “most” of your 5* s are waiting for a mat to max. What is your full roster. Questions like this are really tough without context. And, often, 4*s may be preferred.

No idea what italics are doing there…oops (mod fixed)

@Kerridoc Start your mono RED team already! :stuck_out_tongue:

My plan is that said team will be atop the Epic leaderboard comes Sunday.

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I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to overshare, but I felt I needed to state my other options in order to better assess whether Boss Wolf would be a better choice for tank compared to the rest. Maybe if he was my only option for a tank I’d level and use him, but knowing my other options would you still consider him? I’m truly curious, because I honestly have no idea what to do with him lol

Owl could punish a bad board, but I don’t think he’d do it as well as nearly anyone else could. I’d take Isarnia over the Owl in that case. She inflcts a world of hurt once she goes off, and with a bad board that can be near impossible to recover from. Same with Elena, with that high attack and riposte. I even like Vivica as a tank more than Owl.

Idk it all depends on your roster I guess, which opponents you fear more than others, because some people have all dispellers and no cleansers and vise versa and that plays a huge roll. Riposte and HOT can be super troublesome without a dispeller handy, and the blinds, burns and defense downs suck without a cleanser. I struggle more with ailements, whereas you struggle more with buffs. So to me, Isarnia would be a better option, but to you, Owl or Wolfie might be.

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Hi guys

Thanks for your input. I’ll let him sit on the bench for a while and time will tell. Like with anything in this game, I’m in mo hurry☺

I think I will stop pulling for a while and work on what I have at the mo, as getting new cards just distracts me to much lol.

Just maybe there is a reason I get those heroes. I level what I have and see how far it takes me.

I love Sargasso. One of my favorites

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