Guardian OWL a bad hero?

I just pulled Guardian OWL from now Guardians of Toltec event. However after reviewing what he can do, man I felt cheated. An even worse hero than aegir. What are the Devs thinking? Owl needs an overhaul. Come on SG an 8 year old child could think of a better skills than what you put into these poor 5* heroes tsk tsk

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all good heroes and all heroes have advantages and disadvantages :wink::wink::wink:


Slender Guardans are all good but Fats are…

I pulled Owl as well…not excited.

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My first 5* pull was actually Guardian Owl, and at first I felt disappointed. However, I have him at 3^70 now and I’ve found that he is pretty solid in AW. When teamed up with low-defense or lower-level heroes, his special allows him to act as a great one-owl army.


Aegir is actually one of the top 5* blue though :upside_down_face:


Owl is not bad. His problem is the very slow mana.


He seems to be a great idea implemented poorly.

Ive faced him only a handful of times and he can be an atomic bomb. Just unfortunately by that time its too late. Having him on offense may be different, but I dont have him.

However I’ll still level him I got mana troop for him. He can be a great distraction and be the decoy of the team :slight_smile:

I have fought him in raids 99% hes dead before he pops skill I had one last guardian event feed him to someone else I have 3 80 yellows Rana, Vivica, and Drake all far far better heroes I’d take gjackel over owl any day that’s why I have 2 of them at 70

Got 2 jackals drake and the rest of the gang

I would have to give Owl another opinion. He is not to be played at tank or flank. Someone just used him in the rear. My god his special is so devastating since he is the last one left on the other team. Instant tide changer. I only won with 1 hero left. His special instantly killed almost my whole team. He is similar to Albi like a hero where you place him in the corner. If he is the last one standing and he gets his special off. It’s almost lights out for the other team. After his special launches and you don’t kill him the next turn you can say goodbye. :sweat_smile:


If you think Aegir is a bad hero then you don’t know how to play. He reason Owl is ranked so low is because of his super slow mana, and the 60% extra damage for each dead ally is rendered void because it’ll be hard to get off twice, let alone a third time. Put him on the wing and give him a " Mana hero " and he’ll be just fine. Aegir is amazing BTW, your crazy!!!


I know. I don’t know WHAT he’s talking about.

Welcome @Singlesummon

This is over a year old. Indeed Aegir was bad at that time. Meanwhile he was buffed and now he’s good.

Owl is still bad, except for rushs or field aid corner.


To be honest I get Falkon and Jackal from guardian of teltoc and they looks amazing though and I’m not really lucky to get a 5* one very often but Guardian Owl looks solid and his special is awesome like he do real damage. I think is just okay except his very slow mana but at the end is not bad hero

Im looking forward to leveling up the Owl. He’s next on my list.

He is really ok. Good for the raid tournaments.

Happy forum anniversary @JGE :partying_face:

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I should start spamming all Owl threads with my same Owl post- I keep seeing an Owl thread pop up every few weeks.