Guardian or Captian?

Which hero’s overall better maxed out? Guardian Kong or Captian Krestrel? The defensive boost from guardian Kong only really works for a defensive team purpose in my opinion. And the cool thing I noticed about Captian is instead of it doing minor damage to surrounding enemies like most hero’s it does the same as the targeted enemy just adds extra based on their Mana amount… Soooo anyone got any ideas on which would be the better hero overall for defense teams and attacking teams?

Both you don’t see very often, and both have surprised me with how hard they hit.
I would go Captain Kestrel because I think he’ll be easier to use on offense and just as good at defense.

It’s really going to depend on your playing style and preference. I like Kong better as he has a huge attack stat and the nice ice buff. Both are fine heroes.

kestrel in my opinion. kong would probably need a special defense team setup around him to get the most out of his special skill. Kestrel seems more versatile. Although with all the other red 5* in the game, I dont see myself maxing either one anytime soon

Kestrel can be a beast in raids and on defense, but his damage increase with mana doesn’t come into effect in most situations. Kong does a little more damage on average, but is underwhelming except in very specific circumstances like a full red average mana stack. I really can’t pick a clear winner, but I think you’ll have more epic moments with Kestrel, since he can do some insane damage in the right moments.


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