Guardian Omega Ω - 10 Spot available/ a possible alliance merge with us

Hello everyone, Guardian Omega (one group from the Guardians) is looking for 10 more players to join our alliance. All members are based worldwide. We’re chatty, the group is learning as well as growing together.

  • 7*-9* star titan(currently on 8* titan)
  • 1000+ trophies(although this can be amended if you’re serious about joining us)
  • War is optional but if you’re involved, you’ll be expected to use all your flags(a war strategy is in progress)
  • titan attack is a must
  • must be able to communicate respectfully in the alliance
  • more importantly, live your life and let’s us know about your leave of absence when required
    -a discord group is available

We fight as one!!


Discord: Lord_Supreme#2253

Hello everyone, we’re looking for a small alliance (10 at most) to join us Currently fighting 8 star Titan but titan ranging from 7 to 9*. War is optional but use all the flags. We have our own discord upon request and also got line (currently most use by the co alliance) on request. Leaders would be co-leader (if we’re on the same page) elders will remain elders under us.

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