Guardian Kong worth of working on?

Hello everyone,
it is good option to work on Guardian Kong knowing that:

  • He is (at this moment) my only Fire 5*
  • I have great Fire 4* maxed out and embled: Wilbur, Guardian Falcon and of course, BT
  • I am running TC20*2, so they may drop something useful (Marjana, Azlar, Elena).

Kong has pitiful defense (somehow common for all monkeys in this game) but high HP, so if emblemed towards HP+def (have no barbarian hero that is fully upgraded) he could make useful tank considering his halve damage from ice. Still, I am kinda new to the game so what do you think? Work or wait?

Hi Nightmare,

I got two G. Kongs in March and had levelled one of them as he was my only red hitter too.
I don’t regret. Yeah, his def is meh, but really solid HP and comparing to Elena or Azlar, he is average, so higher chance to fire. With 5 emblems, he is still a part of my def team (together with Kunchen, Poseidon, Alasie and Lianna), but I like him really on red raid stacks with Wilbur, Boldtusk and Falcon (all average). I am working on Ares now and really thinking about max. even second Kong. Ares flanked by two Kongs, it would be really interesting combo.
As I told, he is quite nice surprise for me, I know he is underestimated, but at 4/80, he is not a pushover at all.


He’s not a good tank imo. Better as a flank or wing, since his attack stat is the 3rd highest out of all red 5*s (behind Elena and Azlar).

Combined with Boldtusk, Wilbur, and Falcon, G. Kong looks like he’ll be great for your red offense teams though. So he looks like a great choice to level and max to me.

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Mom Kong Gravey Kong Tarlak
would let me reroll.

Ok, thanks.

Yeah, I was asking because the literally first answer on the first topic I found on this subject is that he is considered worst Red 5*. But truth is he gave me hard time combined with Falcon in Legendary Challenge event, so on offense he should be great, like you guys are saying. Thanks for answers.


I got him too this last teltoc and will eventually max him. Good offense is worth so much more than raid def! Kong will be brilliant for 3-2 and mono red :).

Yes! Work with what you have… wait for “better heroes” (they might never come) will just slow your progress down.

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I’d get him to 3/70 and see whatcha got then… both hero wise and mat wise.


Best advice there is. Future heroes are a consideration for future @Nightmare2048. Present @Nightmare2048 will be glad of the upgrade!

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If you got Wilbur then G. Kong is a beast. Because they got a lot of synergy. Wilbur increases team defenses and shares damage whilst decreasing enemy defenses and having them share damage. It is a good one two punch combo.

I started working on him when I had no 4* to work on, and parked him at 3.70. Was going to do a second Boldtusk, but then got materials for Kong’s last level, so he started going up again.

I put him on hold since I got Guardian Falcon, but Guardian Kong will get level maxed for me.

Watched this this the other day


Yes he is worth it.

Stacks with BT, Wilbur and Falcon very well.
High attack stats.

Not a good tank but makes decent flank/wing if you use a red tank.

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