Guardian Kong or Lewena


I was lucky enough to pull Lewena (actually two of her) during the last Clash of Knights event, and now I have rings to ascend one red 5*. However I’m a bit confuse because I can’t choose between her and Guardian Kong.

Kong is more squishy, but cleanses and gives protection against ice for average mana.

Lewana hits harder (considering her stats), is stronger, however her secondary effect is not that impressive. Considering I own Rayne too, I could take benefit from their family bonus.

I have enough emblems for both.

My red roster : Elizabeth +20, Gefjon +19, Marjana-C +18, Grazul +8, Red Hood +14, Queen of Hearts +18, Lady Loki
Other potential candidates : Tyr, Jean-François, Baldur.

What would be your choice ?

Poll for easy Voting:

  • Guardian Kong
  • Lewena

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Honestly this is a tough one.

With Kong you are going to have to make your emblem focus on Defense/Health to make him more survivable, otherwise he will end up being a glass canon, and not a Very Fast one like Jackal. Doing this will mean his damage output won’t be as nice as Lewena’s. That said he also acts as a cleanser and ElemDefUp against Ice (almost completely negating damage against Ice).

Lewena’s stats are certainly nicer and she will pair with Rayne on a potentially awesome family bonus. Her special is useable in all situations but will likely not have as nice an impact as cleansing, assuming cleansing is in order.

I guess I would decide this based on how badly you need a 5* cleanser? You already have Grazul to prevent ailments for a couple turns…so I would personally lean towards ascending Lewena first and bring Kong up second, then Tyr, then either Baldur or JF. IMO of course.


I choose Kong mainly because how he’d help my team. I realize Lewena is a stronger hero, I’m just not feeling her skill is jaw dropping like many new heroes. Good Luck!


As 5* cleansers I own Prof. Lidenbrock (the one I use the most), Milena and Lady Loki (even though I don’t use this one, she’s quite meh actually). Guardian Kong could be a nice addition but as you say he is a glass canon. Lewena, in another hand, is a new hero with very solid stats, and while her secondary effect is not that interesting, her family bonus with Rayne is awesome. So I guess my choice is decided.


Great reason Yarth. Family bonus is a great reason as well. Check back and let us know how she works with your team.

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Imagine opponent having 2 rogues in his team…
and note the order how Lewena fires her special:

  • Blocks Talent Skill activation for all enemies for 6 turns.
  • Deals 260% damage to all enemies.

Means: Rogues don’t evade her special…
Monks / Cleriks don’t resist negative effects
Fighters don’t revive (and heal or kill your last hero ^^)

In my opinion this is pretty interesting :wink:
Although not as good as cleanse, that’s correct…
But kong is just too quishy I’d say…

I would chose Lewena as well…


Not necessarily. Here’s a cross-post to my G. Kong +20, all attack where possible:

He’s squishy, but not as bad as I expected. I regularly raid into 2700+ cups with him. The cleanse is great, although I don’t have the other great cleanse options that OP does. As you can see in the cross-post, I’m strongly considering aethers for Kong as well, which will boost both his attack and survivability. I have no experience with Lewena, or any of the CoK heroes, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised with Kong, fwiw.


I’ve no doubt Kong is good, but against a fully emblemed and LB’d Dark Lord I would not want to have a hero with 658 for defense! That is a one-shot waiting to happen.

If I pulled him I would absolutely focus on defense+health, anything to get Kong to be a likely 2 use special versus a one-and-done.


I voted for Lewena. While I have maxed-out Kong and he’s definitely great, he’s too squishy. Lewena does comparable damage but you can emblem her all-attack without making her too squishy and her talent blocker, while not as useful as cleanse, is still handy.


I voted for Lewena because you don’t own Octros or any other hard AoE hitter, and also because of the family bonus with Rayne. Best of luck with your choice!

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Thank you all for your advices, I will go with Lewena and try her at 3/70 already. Excepted if Soul Exchange can give me something like Black Knight (I desperatly need a taunter since I lack him, Krampus or Ludwig), she will be my next red to ascend ! :slight_smile: