Guardian kong loses half his energy


Can someone explain to me why guarfian kong after using his special loses half his energy? Maybe i’m stupid but i can’t figger it out wjat is happening… none of my other fighters have this problem


Hi @Regiusmax

Can you post a screenshot or video of when it happens?

Does it happen every time?

Could the enemy have a riposte active?


It’s probably due to Hansel or Gretel’s witch hunter ability which sets the target’s mana to 50% and deals damage once their special is ready.

A screenshot or description of the situation would help a lot.


No screenshot… it’s not only in the quest. Sometimes it happens in battles too… not as luch but he loses energy when i use his speciâl


Trying to understand what’s happening:

When you say “energy” do you mean “health” or “mana”?

If you mean “health”, Kong could lose a lot of health if he fires into a hero with the Perfect Riposte special up. Boss Wolf casts this, so be careful! Riposte returns more than 100% of the damage dealt back to the attacker.


I bet this happened while against Hansel and/or Gretel in the current evenr:

It’s their special.


You’re hitting enemies with riposte active and not noticing.