Guardian Kong levelling

Is he worth the materials and time to level/ascend. He seems to have a lot of health and descent damage…just curious the imput

He’s widely considered the worst 5* red, so I wouldn’t level him unless you have no other options.

He doesn’t seem to be a bad hero exactly, just not distinguished at any task compared to any of the other 5* reds. He’d be the last one I’d spend resources on personally, because just ‘not too bad’ at everything isn’t as useful as ‘pretty good’ or better in at least two of three specialized roles, titans, raiding attack and raiding defense.

This site has a pretty good rundown of hero comparisons.

I’ve looked at anchors chart …I have azlar fully ascended . its just Kong’s fully ascended stats seem good except maybe his defense is low for 5* …I’ll take him to 3/60 and see

Guardian Kong at 2.60 is better than a 3* at 3.50. He does have the third highest attack stat, after Elena and Azlar ( both slow mana speed), so Kong would be decent for board damage. And those are the only two advantages I can see.

Personally I would save Guardian Kong at 1.1, in case the Devs fix him ( and the yellow 4* heroes ) and hold the ascension materials and red 1*- 2* heroes used to level a 5* red hero until I got Marjana or the Devs let players get Ares and Natalya again.

Ok thanks for the help