ℹ Guardian Kong – 5* Fire/Red from Guardians of Teltoc

I’ll see what I can do this evening :+1:

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+20 chapters of interesting lore

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Judging by this thread, mistaken/concealed identity/gender along the lines of As You Like It, Twelfth Knight, The Merchant of Venice, etc. seems in order.


I would love to have more opinions about GK in game than his gender :sunglasses:

I know that many see him as a weak hero and standing alone he is not a star. On the other hand he is average red 5* and when put together with other similar heroes it can be quite devastating for your opponent.

I have run mono red team with maxed BT, Wilbur, Falcon, Anzogh and 3/70 GK. It has been very successful team, even so that I have started to thinking about maxing GK before Elena and Marjana.



Kong had a meaty AoE, and lots of companion options in Red that can set up increased damage timed perfectly — Boldtusk, Wilbur, Falcon, Gormek, and Black Knight; plus Zim and Lancelot who can sometimes fire ahead.

I think Kong got a bad reputation because people focus too much on Defense, where Kong is ok but not stellar — and doesn’t stand out relative to several strong defenders in Red.

But on Offense, I think you’re right, Kong is a solid choice, and has great synergy options.


I’m working toward quite the same where I replace Anzogh with Grazul.

On defense I tend to put GK right flank to Kunchen tank. I don’t have other 5* barbarian rather than Azlar so will put as many as possible on him. My defense Seshat/Joon, Vela, Kunchen, Kong, Kingston

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I keep trying to decide if I want to take Kong to the final ascension.

I have Gazelle and think he would be a nice partner, with her boosting his attack and also keeping him alive longer, his average mana 200 odd % damage would be quite effective

Given they seem too draw inspiration from established genres - Kong’s a male.

Lady Kong has redder hair, boobs, and kind of stands differently — boobs that wouldn’t fit the male fitted breastplate he’s wearing…

Sure - I suppose it’s nothing a bottle of hair dye and a sports bra couldn’t cure … but guessing that armor is a custom job, and whomever made it is fitting it for active wear use and could pop in a couple of Double S cups to aid the whole Guardian-ing thing.

But if a 50 foot Gorilla that throws fireballs shows up — I suggest calling them by anything they ask… over your shoulder … while running away… with very few questions.

Otherwise — it’s a niche card, hard to give rings to if you have choices — but does well in a stack - particularly with Mitsuko and Anzog —

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Is they (him/her) worth to last tier?

I haven’t got any luck for 5* reds, only Ares is maxed, and I have 2 Kongs, another is 370 and haven’t strarted other yet.

So I have Ares for red 5* defence, so Kong would be just in war team attack (or raid). My other fully reds are: Sumimoto, Kelile, Wilbur, Boldtusk, Guardian Falcon and Ares.

And I have 14 rings to spare

In my opinion, given you have 14 rings, yes he’s worth it. He’s not a defensive hero, but rather an offensive one so I wouldn’t worry about him from that perspective.

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Your Kong will shine with these three.

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If anyone has a fully levelled G. Kong I’d really love to see some gameplay footage of him on raids. I’m seeing some beastly mega-monkeys out there on occasion with a bunch of emblems and 900 attack stat. So unimpressed with JF that I’m considering revising my long held opinion that Greasy K might be worth the rings.

Anyone got the goods?

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No vids, but I’m getting a lot of raid offense use out of him…
With Wilbur, BK and GFalc he’s quite often wiping the screen clean - 220% at average is massive.

It’s worth drawing the comparison to Azlar -
Kong is beefier, fires faster, has higher upfront damage with SS.
Azlar has a small edge with tiles and has DoT.

Honestly in real-time play I don’t think it’s remotely close - the monkey pisses all over the lion.


So, what do you guys think about him now, with 30% increase to his special’s damage and added cleanse? Mine will most likely get the rings unless all planets align and I get GM from Legends portal (haha).

Sorry, that also requires alignment of all planetary moons, and sacrifice of your first born.

I already thought he was a solid choice for Offense, this just steps him up a few notches.

I’d certainly max him if I got him, and would get lots of use out of him.


If only these balance changes came with an art work update… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: But in all seriousness I also thought he great to begin with and I offered up a possible buff and it looks like what i offered came pretty close to the reality.

Guardian Kong was mediocre before his buff, now is a usable hero.

I have him maxed and +6, out of necessity because I didn’t get any other 5* reds over a year and he was my only 5* barbarian so got the emblems also. He was already a strong AOE hitter in red stack, in my case as a Wilbur + BT follow up. Now he hits even harder and added a cleanser to my mono red team. Honestly, very happy with how he turned out. Now I kind of want to add another underrated red, Anzogh to this avarage speed mono red squad.


Poll Update

Following the May 2020 Rebalancing of Guardian Kong, I have reset all the polls above. Please feel free to re-cast your votes!

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As the buff to Kong goes live today (250% damage and cleanse the team) I’ve finally taken Kong to the last ascension.

Will be stacking him with Wilbur!


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