Guardian Jackal or Li Xiu to tier 4?

At the moment i’m leveling Guardian Jackal to 3-60. Li Xiu is waiting for leveling to tier 4. I’ve got the material to level 1 of them :smiley:

2 questions:

  1. should i level guardian Jackal (very fast manna) or Li Xiu and why
  2. I’m as well leveling for a good 4* team. I already have BT, Sonya, Caedmon, Wu Kong, Rigard and Colen to tier 4.

So i’ve got a healer, 2 1hit hitters,1 AE hitter, bt and wu kong. For a 4* team should i do something?

As far as 5*: Yes, i have Delilah, Sartana, Zeline and Magni at tier3, Marjana and Azlar (will be used as tank), Richard at tier 2, Alasie, Aeron, Obakan, Azlar, Lianna, Guardian Owl, Master Lepus and Obakan are in the waiting room.

I got dark Merlin and Tiburtus waiting too, i got Grimm waiting… Since i can’t do them all, I’d like to know which of the two yellow to ascend to tier 4. Thank you for helping out. :slight_smile:

Jackal without a doubt.

He increase your damage and is a good sniper, Li Xiu is only good on raid defense.

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Jackal, then another Jackal if you have one, then maybe a third Jackal, then maybe Li. If you have nothing better by then.
Jackal is very fast, does huge damage at the price of being vulnerable, and makes any further yellow attacks do extra damage. He’s great for purple titans and events. He’s competitive as a second yellow even against 5* heroes in raiding.
Li Xiu is a fair defensive 4*, but easily defeated once you pass that level. She’s also useless for anything else. Basically she becomes obsolete as your team improves past 4* and lacks long-term usefulness when compared to Jackal.

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like he mentioned above Li Xiu is useless at higher levels whereas jackal is key to big purple titan hits ana amazing in raiding, esp paired w joon or chao.

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Wu Kong + Jackall = Kapow!!

A little fragile but hits hard on raids.

My offense team consists of Jack, Wu, Boldtusk, Grimm, Azlar.
not nearly leveled to max. And I take down 4k power teams. And bounce between Plat adn diamond lvl.

If i can get more than just blue 4* troops I’d be dangerous…


Thank you very much for this information. I’ll do Jackal first (and let Li Xiu wait at last till Delilah is promoted). :smiley:

I have both on the 4th tier. Li Xiu saves my butt all the time in raids, but her damage is meh unless I can fire a defense debuff first (which I do with Isarnia like all the time :stuck_out_tongue:) . However, I do get that she becomes relatively less powerful as you build up your team, and with your stock of heroes you will probably be underwhelmed.

Jackal on the other hand is a killing machine, independent of any other hero. He’s a glass cannon for sure, but a glass cannon with a heck of a lot of firepower. I get the feeling that he will always be viable on titan offense and events, so my money’s there.


A glass cannon who still does a lot of damage even when he’s inevitably shattered :slight_smile:

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