Guardian jackal levelling

is guardian jackal hard to level? he’s at basic acension, lvl 32 & i still cannot get his still to lvl 2 !!!

No he isn’t, I got mine during the previous Guardian event. I’ve got him on the final ascension with the special maxed.
My advice would be to keep feeding him the 1* and 2* with a focus on the same colour, there’s a definite level of the special with each ascension.
Also you could watch Zero’s video on levelling Gregorian in 1hr on YouTube; this will give you some pointers on levelling higher level heroes.
A reminder that you have more of a “chance” to level up their skill with a 4* and 5*.
Hope this helps.

thanks man appreciate e help! he’s now ascension 2, lvl 40ish, 4/8 weee!


Funny you say it though, of all my 4*s Jackal didn’t hit tier 8 till final ascension. He gave me trouble too.

Wow, that would of been nerve wracking!

Our alliance leader has Rigard at 3/60 with special at 3/8, lol. And speaking of Jackal, I have his special at 7/8 since ascension to tier2, it’s funny how it works sometimes.

Pretty ez


There’s my jackal as of right now. Just remember to level him each time with 10 holy feeders, preferably all the same hero.

No, that doesn’t do anything. It does help if you feed a Jackal to a Jackal (25% odds of bumping the special), but unless you’ve got three Jackals in reserve, please don’t do that.


Not worth feeding a duplicate event hero to the same event hero imo. I’d keep them all unless you had like 6 or 7 dup’s and wanted a guaranteed special increase.

Me too Jackal guardian. Is very hard

thanks for all e help guys. somex even at 25% e skill don’t get bumped up.

current jackal status:
ascension 3, lvl 17, special: 6/8

Don’t worry, you have a lot of feeding and one more guaranteed bump at final ascension.

Lol @Milkman

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Bit late to the party, but any ideas how to keep this little guy upright?

4.70 w/ 9 nodes – all defense or hit points, going to switch him to defense troop eventually

I get evade is damage avoidance, and Wilbur or others can buff – but he’s basically a skinny little twerp that jumps out at the beginning of a fight to say “world star!”

Not quite what I expected from the only holy ele debuff

I went the attack boost route with Jackal and emblems. 892 attack before buffs is a really nice glass cannon, and with a level 11 mana troop to fill his mana with a ghosted 3 tile match, he’s a slaying machine. 20% evade is handy too. I’m still debating whether to bump him up the last couple of nodes past 18, or work on someone else.
With Joon to follow up on a special from Jackal, that’s a dangerous pairing.
As noted, I pair Jackal with Joon, and I have two healers on my usual teams with Jackal, Albie, with res chance and HoT and most often Boldtusk with Gravy, but will use other color direct healer/fast attacker pairings also, depending on what I’m facing. On a half-way decent board two healers will help keep Jackal around long enough to be useful to me.
Of course that tactic of two healers is enhanced by having Albie or Momma North to work with as well. If I was using the latter, I’d try to pair a HoT type with my striker. YMMV depending on what heroes you have available.

Like @Paulon, I’m going on a attack-heavy approach. Accentuate the positive…his tiles are still brutal even after he’s dead.

Got him and his special was max before 3/60, he is not maxed yet.(4/20+)
Yes he is a glass cannon, but you can fire him several times rapidly to keep his buff active, before the enemy can return fire i do it quit often.
I like him a lot.
Have fun.

Went defensive – only because I value his buff a lot and have Alby

He’s fun at VF pepping for Posideon

Been eying The elemental link on new HotM for + defense

ThAnks all - may just reset and go offense

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