ℹ Guardian Hippo – 5* Ice / Blue from Guardians of Teltoc

Perhaps. But it also depends who else you could bring instead…
Would it be Aramis, Porky, Anne, c Gazelle or someone else?

I used aramis/himeros/tetisheri/felton/Alberich

My hitters are sufficient enough to hit anything fairly hard. Also I don’t rely solely on felton. If felton isn’t fast enough to fire first, I have my primary hitters to strike down the enemies one by one first. Then I adapt to the situation.
The only gripe with him against hippo is that if felton gets the hippo buff, it does very little damage

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This is a guy you can stone to death with a 2-2-1 team before his mana is half full…
You could also measure quality by doing events with said heroes… id the bare knuckle hits from mobs are enough to make or break your team the hero dont have enough star quality to play in the endgame…

I so much rather have people say “ithar” when speaking top end easy attainable counters than felton… because felton is a fresh breath of f2p joy of winning 1-2/10 raids vs 2800+ cup segment.

Suit yourself then, whatever makes you happy. I have said my piece on how felton is viable on diamond. Take it or leave it.

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Quite a bummer that Hippo’s mana gen gets overwritten by Hulda’s minions. Not that I was hoping for it to stack, but it is a bummer that Hulda’s 24% mana gen overwrites Hippo’s 34%.

FWIW…this was a test for autoplay on map stages with a team comprised of Hippo - Hulda - Guowang - Doxan - Arco. Focus on doing damage with Hippo’s buff, and overhealing with Hulda’s minions (because of Arco).

Easily countered now with all the buff stealers out there. Especially with Richelieu on his way !!! Maybe Belladonna wud be a decent pair with the hipster ?? She’s not a bad choice to start levelling actually seeing the increase in fiend summoners of late.

Did Hippo get updated? I read comments above that he can bypass reflect, but when using him in the challenge event I noticed he doesn’t :thinking:

Can someone answer me a question please? I have G. Hipster at 1-1 so I’m unable to test it but when attacking masked god heroes with the mega minion does the attack bypass the mega minions & hit the enemy or does it still go thru the mega minion 1st? 1 last question or opinion really. I was levelling Quintin & then pulled the Hipster so wud you pause Quintin then start & complete G. Hippo or finish Quintin like the original plan? Ideally both at the same time as they combo pretty well but time being as it is, in your opinions, you wise old sages you, 1 of them has to take priority but which 1? Is there a nerf coking to G. Hipp? Shouldn’t IMO, especially with all the dispellers, buff immunity casters & buff stealers out there. Dispell or steal & G. Hipp becomes impotent

No one is aware of a nerf yet. So lets enjoy until it lasts.
G Hippo trumps any other card when levelling.
Mask Gods do not have mega minion, Only Goblin have them. So not sure what you are attempting to do. The last mask god event had blue reflect. So G Hippo would have failed to land damages on blue enemies and boss and kill itself.
Hippo doesn’t bypass minions but it kills them first as minions are like health shields.

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There is currently no heroes with mega minions in game outside of Beta.

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Sorry got them mixed up. In beta has anyone tried this then?