Guardian Gazelle is HiT first, most number times in Play!

After closely watching the topic headline for more than 3 months…. I can today say, that Guardian Gazelle is being targeted by the game software to be hit first & most number of times, to kill & create a loss, which is fuelled by the fault of mana loss & damage to all allies …l. That has been built into Gazelle specials (both versions) !

Today’s data : 20 odd raids.

  • Gazelle has been hit first 16 odd times.

  • Multiple times during the play after that first hit….as if there are no other heroes….

  • A fired Gazelle is an almost 100% first target……

  • El Naddaha has hit her 3 out of three times in the same RAiD today….

  • At times, upto, 3 opposite heroes have simultaneously hit Gazelle.
    I can go on & on & on……as today was watching mainly this aspect…

  • All Gazelle users would have for sure seen all of the above for some time now.

Why !?

  • Costume Gazelle makes all new heroes useless, despite their great specials & Stats…. Isn’t it apparent :bangbang:

@Petri : the above is being pointed out…,and my game play data is easily available to see how this is a daily, regular occurrence.

  • I am sure that the game knows of it too.

I have avoided making this post for months….but seeing the ever increasing % of Gazelle being targeted first, maximum times in a play (RAiD / War) seems a JOKE now…. !

While I understand, RNG, business, strategy, revenue…., there is a line drawn somewhere…. !!

Suggest, request this needs to be looked at…. Will leave it at this point…. As enough said, hits given….in case game wants to do anything about it !

  • In case anyone tries to come up with “confirmation bias”…… let it be :wink:

Cheers !


Well, it shouldn’t matter much because she should be able to survive few hits, heal herself and survive to allow allies to finish the fight

Well, it should matter because it is supposed to be random who defence hits. Possibly with a slight bias towards healers (? iirc), but this would be a lot more than slight.

I do notice a bias towards my healers being targeted first, and weaker heroes being targeted next. I tend to target damage dealers or revivers first, and healers last.

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My MN is on wing and she seems to be rarely targeted

Did you read the OP properly….

Are you aware of heroes that exist today…

  • Stop buff
  • Stop healing

Have does a hero deal with multiple hits in the beginning… that almost all the times leaves other 4 heroes …. Untouched !

Don’t need easy suggestions… which all of us, already know well !

This post is to highlight something & for players to look at a pattern during their play….
Share …… highlight ….for game to see…

That’s where my Ariel sits. RW

There was a claim a few years back from an experienced head (can’t remember who, maybe Revelate or someone similar) that heroes with lowest HP get targeted more often.

Either way I don’t recall ever reading anywhere in the game that targeting has to be random

I notice a similar pattern. On my current Raid team, Hippo is not maxed and gets targeted heavily, and Myoin-Ni is my healer and gets targeted heavily.

The algorithm largely ignores Waterpipe and a 2LB Hurricane.

So it’s best to put those targeted on wings and try to avoid 3-shots

I have noticed that in my raid teams it seems the hero with the highest value is aggressively targeted however I completely dismissed it as the AI programming to target the card with the highest value. Though I will pay closer attention from now on thank you.

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