🗿 Guardian Gazelle: Guardians of Teltoc – Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

That part sounds amazing, especially the damage reduction, that could be huge for keeping slow heroes alive to fire, and I have lots of them!

Just reading her special again, it says everyone except the caster becomes a dancer. So wouldn’t any status effects still effect her?


Yes — so you could get some benefit from buffs that keep her alive or boost her mana, for instance.

And likewise you might still want a cleanser for DoT, though Blind wouldn’t particularly matter.

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That’s not too bad then, if I can use a buffer to boost her defense it’d help keep her alive.

Might look at putting some emblems onKiril in that case

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I’d say that’s worthwhile anyway. I’m quite fond of my +18 Kiril, he’s a little beefcake.


Mines +6 at the moment but I have 193 to use.

I have Rigard+10, BT+19, Sabina+3 or so and Kiril.

So It’s a tossup between those really, could go BT as he’s emblemed so much


This hero is a joke. How can she dispel undispellable status effects? This means that status effects are not undispellable anymore.


I plead ignorance but she looks like a gamechanger to me and very powerful. I hesitate to use the term OP but she does look OP


I think she is going to make my lesser used heroes pretty useful now.

A team with Isarnia, Guardian Kong and Quintus become pretty lethal if Gazelle can boost them first



She does not. She REMOVES them. I picture status effects as a sort of hierarchy: non-dispellable effects are more enduring than dispellable effects, but REMOVE sits above them. We may at some point get non-removable effects, which Guardian Gazelle would then (presumably) not be able to remove.

Of course then we may get a hero who…I don’t know…obliterates even removable effects.


Is that yours? That was fast!

What route did you take with emblems?

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I’d attack a defense team with her any day – trigger her SS on purpose and then focus all skills aimed at her. She punishes her team when she gets KO’d while they’re dancing.

IF she is to be used on defense teams though, she’s mandatory going to want Q. of Hearts as her ally. Her taunt is drawn to her minion, meaning that Queen can still use it (Black Knight can’t though, because dance status effect prevents it).

But for titans she seems like an awesome Wu Kong / Ranvir replacement. +100% attack is a lot, and even though it’s lower than the other two and can’t stack with other buffs, there’s no miss chance either. I’ll take that gladly.


I hadn’t even thought about using her on a titan, that’s a good point. All those missed Wu hit gone.

And there is the bonus that she takes away 50% of the titans damage against you


If she triggers her special.

Is she super:

100% more attack,

-50% damage reduction

And immune to negative effects.

I’ve always taken life. On the top left, starting in the slalom down. :wink:

I tested them in defense. It’s not good as a tank with 10 emblem. I’m testing them on the side of BK.


Does her attack buff stack with others like BK, Rigard, Wu Kong? Seems like they would because otherwise her elaborate special is easily overwritten, which would be a huge flaw

Her special prevents other attack buffs from being applied to the other heroes, however an attack buff from someone like Wu or Boldtusk would apply to gazelle herself, just not the rest of the team


Oh that’s unfortunate

Gazelle cancels all special. And While dancing, the heroes are immune to specials… Therefore, it makes no sense to share the gazelle with BK.

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