🗿 Guardian Gazelle: Guardians of Teltoc – Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Does the AI target her heavily right now? Meaning gets after especially when she specials?

No doesn’t especially target gazelle. I put gazelle on wing and does not get targeted and she is unemblemed and survives well.

I use gazelle in 3/2 and works well with any colour combo. I use one healer on the other colour and typically my holy will be joon, if go three holy I add rabbit.

She’s not targeted any more than any other hero, but she’s certainly vulnerable. If you’ve got a bad starting board she can get down to sniper range, which is really really bad if her skill is active.

In many cases she’ll be fine, but I’m trying to decide mathematically whether defense route or hp route makes her most durable.

I have GG at +16 going defensive at every turn. 788 attack, 831 defense, 1471 health and a +18 crit troop… she can withstand a huge hit… I pretty much use her 100% for raids. she is hands down my favorite hero of all time… so powerful.


Next time you’re in a raid can you confirm her minions HP?

And thanks for sharing, I’m super excited to use her. Did you have big competition for druids?

I love those shaking defenders and cards while dancing… :rofl:


Sure, I’ll upload some raids tonight. I didn’t really have competition for druid emblems… my only other 5* druid is Master Lepus… I have Vela but she’s stuck at 3.70 until I get more scopes and tomes. Whether or not I would give emblems to Vela is would depend heavily on if I find myself using her a lot.

Now that my troops are reaching levels where I can handle 4500+ power team snipers, I’m starting to think about more evenly distributing emblems instead of buffing only one character and emphasizing their attack. Earlier on, I needed the health/defense to live, but my troops are starting to provide that. Anyway, that’s another subject :slight_smile:

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If any one hero is deserving of a full classes emblems it is Gazelle, I think. She could be a staple of many offensive team lineups. I am beyond curious to see if any players in the legendary portion of the event starting soon will be using her for high scores. Gazelle with 4 Jackals could be crazy lol

Man I feel so lucky to have pulled this hero…

New video uploaded… I took the time to hover over each hero to show their health, defense, etc before attacking. Also to show minion HP.

In this video, you’ll get an idea of how much of a hit she can take with a +18 crit troop and +16 emblems.

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Haha damn! Helluva starting board! Thanks for sharing, that is a nasty stack. Yellow tanks bane…

About the minion, I was mostly wondering about the hp of Gazelles thorn minion that can spawn. Seeing as how you went a whole round without it spawning, I’m feeling like emblems may be better used on the defense path instead of hp, since minions aren’t a guarantee. Hp path would make a tough minion, but if they don’t show up then it’s sort of a waste lol.

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My bad… I don’t know what I was thinking clicking on Delilah’s minions :slight_smile: I’ll get another video with that information… But yeah, it’s a proc, so it’s not certain, but still a really good chance.

And yeah, every time I try to show you a video, I get awesome boards. :slight_smile: I’m going to show you every single one of my war hits forever!! You will keep me in the 300 club from now till I stop playing.

I might even show you the numbers on my lottery ticket.

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Haha as long as you split the winnings with me :wink:. Which I will then use for more Gazelles

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This video is good… didn’t get the minion proc on GG, but had a bad starting board… Vela fired a couple times and took a big hit from a sniper. Miki fired and GG dispelled it :slight_smile:

Not to go off topic, but this also shows why I think Vela and these dot-based heroes trickling out are very unimpressive. Especially Jean who has a delay. I would rather just have snipers.


Nice, that was a good video for a bad board scenario. I’m very surprised that player was ranked as high as they were lol. Well played though.

I think Vela can be a strong piece of a bigger synergy but is indeed a bit underwhelming on her own. Snipers are great but it can be nice to have a hero that spreads damage around a bit. Vela flank with Ursena tank would be a nasty combo. Add a Grave flank and most attackers would be in shambles after 4 turns.

Ok let’s see you hit a team 4.5k+ :wink:

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My next raid flag came up and got a 4.5k team… Onatel, Ursena, Khiona, Zim, Dake…

I’m on a crazy winning streak…

Some of the moves I made were on purpose to try and charge up GG before attacking…


Nice, dude. Keep me coming! I cannot wait until mine is ready to go. She’s got some of the coolest artwork out there too. Do you happen to recall how many emblems 16 nodes was?

Edit: did you see this? :sunglasses:


And that’s why you don’t use GG on defense!

I’ll calculate the emblems and let you know.

Edit: 950 doing the math in my head.

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Found this guy again with his +19 Gazelle. 4700TP! Will I win? :wink:. @CorpseTiller


Another 4700 TP mammoth going down. Poor Gazelle never got to fire.


I posted this in the mireweave thread, but it seemed relevant here as well. Mireweave’s (and presumably other s3 heroes who have stacks as part of their special skills) added attack bonus is still present while gazelle’s special is active, making it possible for her attack to increase beyond the +100%


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