Guardian Gazelle Dilemma

So I feel fortunate to have pulled Guardian Gazelle, but I have some issues with resources. I only have enough darts to level one 5 star yellow hero. That was going to be Hanitra, but I am not so sure now. There is also the emblem situation, I am quite heavy on desirable druids. If I go GG over Hanitra, should I continue embleming up Kadilen (costume) or hold on for GG?

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Guardian Gazelle is one of the best heroes in the game. I’ve been fortunate to have her for the last two years and she hasn’t left my main raid team in that time regardless of the hero’s I’ve pulled since. She will make it almost a guaranteed win if she goes off. I vote for her all day long.


Guardian Gazelle is definitely a better hero than Hanitra. And I would say that except for a few situations (when fighting Alfrike or Pengi for example), C. Kadilen is definitely better than Hanitra.

That being said, Gazelle needs at least some emblems to stay alive as her stats are a bit weak in comparison with the current heroes - I have her at +9 and generally she manages to survive.

She will be at her peak performance when you’ll be able to fire her in 9 tiles - that means that you need either a l23 mana troop or a l11 mana troop and to emblem her at +20.

Regardless, having both Gazelle and Hanitra (Hanitra still at 3.70 despite not having other dodge heroes), I’d always vote for Gazelle.


Guardian Gzelle is a top hero of the game. Whether one has emblems or not, this hero is priority.

I have used Gazelle for 26 out of 27 months in the game, use her daily in 90%+ raids.

  • Limit broke as first holy hero.
  • Recently completed her 20 emblems. Most use was in 10 to 14 emblems range.

Gazelle allows me the benefit to play 2-2-1 and 3-1-1 team combos against 5000+ TP teams and win most times.

  • Daily 20+ raids… wins is 80%+…. Many days, it is100% win.
  • I fill 2 to 3 raid chests daily.

i’ve fully emblemed and LB hanitra but rarely use her. her specials only works againts special skills. other than that u will gonna feel she only takes ur precious spot. (not like c.kadilen who can also do damage).

on the other hands gazelle, eventhough i don’t have her (and i really want her), will help all the heroes u bring when she casts her specials. reducing the received damage and increasing their attack power.

so gazelle hands down!

note: i think gazelle not really needs the emblems since she can recover her own health, u can give all emblems to c.kad

Thank you all! So on the secondary follow up question, what should I do with my Druid emblems? Get Kadilen (for her costume) nearly fully emblems (17 or 18) or save them for once I get Guardian Gazelle up to 4.70? Sounds like she is my next priority for boosting too.

Ckad can be used in def (and she is great there) while Gazelle is a purely offensive hero.

If you plan to put ckad in your def, then emblem her first

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Gazelle would need emblems next though

He has poor survivability otherwise

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I like my hanitra… No regrets in ascending her… But i think the go to is gg.

Gazelle, and never look back!

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I would give all the Hanitras I don’t have for half a Gazelle. This is a no brainer.

About emblems, give them to the hero you’ll use the most. WHICH WILL BE GAZELLE! :joy:

Defense barely matters, I don’t understand the weird obsession some players have with it. Offensive heroes win you battles, not defensive ones (obviously it’s even better when a hero is great on both).


Gazelle is the best offensive hero of the game in my opinion. LB and full emblems she can also fit in a defence at spot 1. I use her in half of my raids

You can use Hanitra in your raid/war defense but not Gazelle. Gazelle is a huge liability in defense

I would spoil Guardian Gazelle too if I got her, no doubt about that, enjoy, and congratulations! :yellow_heart:


Both are good heros, but Gazelle has more use cases.

Effectivly, Gazelle can fill the role of Hanitra.

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