ℹ Guardian Gazelle – 5* Holy/Yellow from Guardians of Teltoc

No it does not increase DoT. Just tile damage and specials percentage hit. That’s all she needs though…offensive powerhouse.

That’s a shame. I have Roc sat at 3.70. Thought that if Gazelle did boost the damage he might be very useful.

His damage output is still too low for me really

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Haven’t used Roc yet but yeah it seems that based on feedback he could be a bit better. If though, DoT could increase with Gazelle special for heroes like JF, Morgan Le Fay, GM, and Lady Locke, they would be clearing the battlefield quick. It would be a slaughter, so better overall that she doesn’t increase DoT :joy:

Haha yeah, I only have Roc that does DoT so I wasn’t sure.

If he gets a buff I’ll probably use him. I did that with Guardian Kong after his buff and he’s been very handy

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I just maxed Kong and don’t regret it :+1:

He’s decent mate. He’s in my tourny defense at the moment next to Elena and I’ve won 5/5

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sorry all, bit slow on the uptake of Gazelle. I got her straight away, then hid her in the back of nowhere. Then happened to watch a titan team video from Anchor and blow me down, Gazelle is the most important hero on the team :man_facepalming:.So i now have her at 3/70 and using her on all titans, wow what a difference she makes. Also grading says she is A for flank on Defence, so big decission wether i leave her at 70 or accend, put emblems on and try her next to my Ursena tank?? Any thoughts, i know shes an attack hero.

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Gazelle will take away the yellow reflect that Ursena provides. Anyone who’s primary or secondary purpose is to buff your squad with something, anything, is not going to function quite like you want them to with her around.

For Gazelle to succeed on defense she needs a crew of debuffers or minion makers; things that she can’t just dance away…


Is gazelle the caster? Am I reading it wrong? Says caster takes 100% damage if they die. What am I interpreting wrong?

It says the dancers take 100% damage if the caster dies.

So if Gazelle dies, all her allies who are dancers (affected by gazelle special at the time) would take the 100% damage


:man_facepalming: forgot about that, mmm have to rethink that idea, see who i got, Satarna costume. Something to keep me occupied for awhile :rofl:

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Gazelle is my favorite guardian hero…But they won’t give her to me… :frowning:

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I pulled her today with 55 pulls (went for Jackal, did not get him). I know she is considered good and will probably level her but dont know how to use her yet.


Congratulations, she is amazing!

Once you’ve used her a few times the special will make sense.

Think of her as the ultimate support hero. Makes your whole team hit much harder, and makes them take a lot more damage.

Ideally you want to pair her with heroes that do NOT buff as Gazelle removes them but generally it’s worth it.

If you put a buffing hero that affects nearby, she will gain the buff, e.g Domitia will give her extra defense vs yellow but won’t gain that buff herself if she is ‘dancing’

Use heroes that put status effects on the opponent or do huge damage. A Gazelle buffed Isarnia does crazy damage and then puts their defense down, use Guardian Kong after her (or any strong damage hit all hero) and not much will survive.

Gazelle does not buff herself except for giving herself a great heal over time. She CAN get buffed herself by your other heroes. You want her to survive (her druid minions help).

If she dies while her special is active (you can see your heroes moving - ‘dancing’ to show that they have been buffed by Gazelle) all of your team loses any mana gained and they all take damage. Luckily Gazelle is pretty sturdy and the AI doesn’t know to target her in the same way a human controlled player would.

Oh, also, all dancers are cleansed and resist status effects in a similar way to Grazul while the special is active!

I hope this helps anyone that gets her (unless you raid me with her!). She is 100% a hero you need to max as soon as possible


Fun for offence, weak link on a defence. The ability to cleanse, and minimise damage taken, and avoid further ailments for so many turns is a huge bonus. Plus the tile damage goes through the roof. I like her a lot, I just wish if she died that it didn’t remove ALL mana from ALL heros. 50% would make it more of an option on defence

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She s super…i ve spent too much to win her…maybe one day

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Pulled a second Gazelle today. Will take her up to 3/70 because she does well even at that level. Came in handy on the ninja tower too. I like to stick Guin right next to her to give her heal and protection when I’m yellow stacking against purples.

Just hot her/IT, not yet fully ascended, but already in use, really happy with it


Grats, she is an amazing hero :+1:

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Maxed 2 of her:

She’s that good for me to spend darts to.


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