ℹ Guardian Gazelle – 5* Holy/Yellow from Guardians of Teltoc

I did a 10 pull this morning, hoping for Guardian Kong(I already have Panther and want a 5* red cleanser). Gazelle popped out instead. I was actually disappointed at first. She really didn’t look like she was any good.

I have read a lot of positive reviews of her though, so that is nice to see. Also, my best yellows don’t give buffs(Joon+costume, Drake). I also just gave Malosi darts(I have 20 left still, so not an issue there). I will probably max her right after Malosi. Only downside is that it will probably be tough to bring Vivica along. Another reason I really need to get her costume!

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@littleKAF @JonahTheBard @zephyr1

What do u guys think of guardian gazelle?

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I don’t have her so I can only speak for a few occasions of meeting her on defence…she was mostly just a nuisance and quite squishy.

I can only assume that if people rate her, it’s on offense when she can be better timed.


also pulled her (together with the - for me useless - owl in a ten pull, hoped for panther…), she is not yet leveled though but I expect really a lot on attack. skill seems really good for that, as it is beneficial in both directions (receive less damage, and same time deliver more damage) key is to get her off early and with health left…for titans, perhaps, but not sure… for defense she is not the best I guess. i will give her directly the next set of darts, ahead of poseidon and sif …

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Idk if I’d like her for titans since i think she screws up using buffs and debuffs

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Works best for people still playing E&P :face_with_monocle:

She was a beast on offense in Beta.

I have some public feedback from a while ago starting here, for several posts: 🗿 Guardian Gazelle: Guardians of Teltoc – Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback


She doesn’t effect debuffs? The only thing she’d get in the way of is attack increase. Jackal would still work on the titan team.


Oh ok i thought they couldn’t cast buffs or debuffs

I don’t have her obviously

But yea if people are likin her on titans, go for it

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Yeah, the exact wording of the effect is “Gives immunity to new status effects.” So they can cast whatever they want on an enemy, your heroes just can’t be buffed or debuffed.

I just got her, and since I gave Malosi darts this morning, I won’t be maxing her for a bit. I haven’t tried her on titans. The tough part is you can’t use banners to increase your defense to help survive higher titans. Jackal is so fragile. We need a yellow 5* HoTM Eve

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Exactly, that’s why I would choose her over Ranvir if I had her. Except for my purple and red titan team, I don’t have regular attack buffers. But I always use defence debuffers and elemental debuffers (at least against yellow, green and red titans), and I hate they miss because of Ranvir.


For anyone who has her, it’s basically your dirty little secret. As @zephyr1 put it - God mode.


On titan, she does a little worse than Miki assuming you brought Miki with no other buffs. If you bring Miki with buffs then you can outclass her damage by a lot… which can be mitigated by bringing debuffers.

The key to Gazelle is building teams that only debuff instead of bringing teams that rely on buffs or a mix of the two.

Also keep in mind she gives atk buff and damage reduction while giving herself regen. That already supplants the atk and def banners

And forget about defense. It is easy to abuse her special to take your team’s mana away


Working on Gazelle right now, she is at 2/54 as we speak :slight_smile:

But now I’m looking for my best yellow stack agains Titans, I think I can use some advice.

My choices are

  • Poseidon +16 (att. 790)
  • Vivica +5 (att. 714)
  • Gullinbursti (att. 603)
  • Guardian Jackal +14 (att. 802)
  • Mist +13 (att. 732)
    Wu Kong (att. 707)

My plan is replacing Wu for Gazelle, I really don’t like the miss chances :frowning:

And also working on Delilah who is 3/62

What would give the best synergy and works best for this big dark monsters?

Thanks in advance for the help! (also have Hu Tao en Li Xui c. by the way)

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Gazelle for Wu is what I did.

Remember that her special removes all buffs too so keep that in mind when choosing your team.

Ideally you want heroes that effect the titan more than your own heroes. Mist is a good choice as she slows the titans mana and also makes it more vulnerable to your other heroes specials.

Jackal a great pick for defense down. Poseidon is a great sniper and would be amazing fired after Jackal and Mist.

Keep Viv on as the healer.

Guillianbursti I’m not sure of, never used or fought him but looking at his special I’m not sure how he would mix with Gazelles special. I don’t know if the health boost would activate while your heroes are dancing but I know the attack boost wouln’t activate (but Gazelles is better anyway at base level). He may be worth keeping on the team IF his health boost part of his special works while dancing. it’d actually be an amazing combo but someone else will have to tell you if the specials are compatible or if Gazelle cancels it out


Thank you so much! This is helpful :slight_smile:
Will test it out if they work together, Gullin and Gazelle

Well, I guess :sunglasses:not sure how to convert my video but made a printscreen.
Fired Gazelle first and right after that Gullinbursti. The healing worked :slight_smile:



That’s going to make your team a nightmare to damage!

Gazelle already halves the damage you take, so with boosted health on top that will be really tough to take down.

It’s made me want the Boar now!


Yes, I’m happy so far! Only problem is they have the same emblems (and the same as Vela who is + 17).

So let’s see how we divide that :smile:

But Gulli lost the attack portion of his special to the dance. Doesn’t seem like a great fit to me. Once you fire Gazelle you need about 10 holy tiles and the match is over. Who has time for a slow healer?

I’m running this, and one out of every three flags is a 100k+ hit on the last few 7* dark titans.

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Hello friends, got lucky as well and now own a gazelle! Problem is: I only have enough darts to ascend one yellow at the moment and my other choices are:


Already maxed 5* yellows are Joon, viv, inari and justice… should I still prioritize gazelle given my situation? Thanks for your help!

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