Guardian Falcon or Sumitomo?

So during the guardian event I pulled G.Falcon and have been saving him as a backup hero. During this Atlantis pull I just got Sumitomo. Both look like solid heroes but now I’m wondering which one to level up as I don’t need them both. Thoughts, comments, suggestions?

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Falcon - 100%

He will boost your damage on green titans - pair him w/ Gormek, Boldtusk, Wu and a hard hitter. You won’t be sorry.

Sumitomo is fine, but Falcon is a winner.


Exact the setup of my personal record: 102k against a 7* gorgon queen :sunglasses:


Agreed with Falcon first.

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Definitely falcon. Sumitomo doesn’t look that good, certainly not an exciting hero to pull like falcon.

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Thanks everyone for the helpful information!