Guardian Falcon (or lack of) killed me in event

Begin rant: I figured I would make a run at top 100 for epic. It didnt work out, will probably end up 135. Glancing at the leader boards probably 75%+ of top 100 have him and many people carried over use into legendary. Ive been EASILY able to make top 100 (in rare) the past 6 months with the standard characters. Shouldnt i be able to do the same in Epic tier?

It’s probably doable with more grinding/retrying of stages, but notably harder, as you’re finding.

I think it’s a bit unsurprising that it’d be harder in Epic than Rare to use only standard heroes and get top rankings, since some of the most useful skills for 4* heroes in event competitions show up on Event and Atlantis heroes:

  • Elemental defense debuff – Falcon, Jackal

  • Defense debuff – Wilbur (bigger debuff than the Pulverizers, plus spirit link on offense means you can snipe the lower defense monsters to kill everyone faster)

  • Mana control/damage – Merlin, Hansel, Gretel (not so much Proteus who’s hugely useful for completion but not as much for competitive runs)

  • Mana buff – Lancelot

You see a lot of those heroes on the teams shared here too: Monochrome teams at each level for challenge events

And as you noted:

That seems to also hold true with the teams shared on the post linked above.

So I wouldn’t say that not having Falcon necessarily completely ruined your chances to rank in the top 100.

But I would say that if you’re using a mono, 4-1, or 3-2 team with all or most heroes belong red — then yes, lacking Falcon is going to make competing hard.


Nope, epic is the most hard to place (even more without Jackals or falcon) out of the 3 challenges.

In rare limited time heroes are better but not so much that some good boards can not make up for it.

In legendary the difference between regular and limited is very wide, but having more high items can help you make up for it.

In epic you don’t have that kind of items and limited time heroes are key heroes (and probably much more people try to compete compared to legendary)

I don’t have wilbur myself and i definetely feel it.

It’s just the number of standard heroes is a much higher fraction for rare than any other tier 24/35 compared to 22/46 in 4* and 20/68 in 5*. If you had 2 rare heroes per event in 3* as well then it would much harder to make top 100 with the normal heroes

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