Guardian Falcon or Kelile againt Titans

Hi !
I have 4 hidden blades and the choice to level up Kelile or Guardian Falcon.
I also have Boldtusk almost maxed.
My question is:what is more effictive against (green) titans ? Kelile’s high attack or Falcon’s skill ?
My other heroes are Wu, Grimm xor Tibbi, Alberich. (for doubling up the colors I also have Hu Tao (max) and Richart (2/60)
Thanks in advance.

Guardian Falcon, for sure.
You may have some doubts with Scarlett, but not Kelile.


I second Falcon. I am deciding between Scarlett and Falcon right now, and even there I might go with Falcon. He’s quite a tank, helps do a lot of damage, and can be useful even for other color titans than green.

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BT / Tibby / Falcon / <flex> / Wu

Enjoy mauling green titans.

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Thanks for your advices. The result ist quite distinct. I’ll level up falcon now. :slight_smile:

It’s been said, but Falcon for sure because you will kick the butt of green titans with that -54% fire defense reduction.

Falcon no doubt. I’m deciding between Falcon and Scar too. Both waiting for final ascension.
I use them together for green titans and along with Bold or Ares it’s amazing when having some red tiles.

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I like scarlett, super useful with the fast power down special and the high attack especially on the higher level titans (for us - that means 7*). The higher HP offsets the low defense as well.

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Mhhh…I also have Scarlett as an option. So maybe the question is “Guardian Falcon or Scarlett” together with Boldtusk ?? :thinking:

It is still not a question, if you are running multiple reds at all, and you should be with Boldtusk when facing a green Titan, Falcon > all.

Scarlet is your third red if you chose to pursue that strategy against green titans.


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