Guardian Falcon and Yang Mai

I did some pulls and got 4 Yang Mai 4 guardian falcon and guardian camelion. Now my question is this. Would You level more then 1 of Yang mai and guardian falcon? I’ll definitely will keep all Yang mai but is falcon food for other heros? Would you keep more then one?

I would max 2/3 Falcons at some point for wars.

Maybe more than 1 Yang Mai if I would have 12+ rings and any other red 5* to do


Yeah I got 2 falcons maxed I would max another if i got one, mythical titans, war, ninja tower etc…


well, it depends on your roster but I would not feed any falcon away at the moment. One or 2 falcons are really helpful. His elemental def down finds its place in wars for red stacks, titans, tournaments and challenges.

I agree with @Radar1 and @Dudeious.Maximus

I have had duplicate Falcons in the past but due to roster space I have had to feed them away and just keep one maxed. However, if I get any when I am less stuck for space I am hoping to get another to keep and level up.

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absolutely you want 2-3 falcons for mystic titans.I
Unless you have costume marjana

I have one falcon and I saved all of my coins trying to get a second. Definitely would want two. I don’t think I’d need more than three though.

Being rosta space is always a pain for players I’m at a certain point that it’s getting expensive.
But buying rosta space is something I do think can be be good.
Event hero’s are hard to get, my mate being playing the same time as me can’t get a falcon or jackal think he did 40 pulls this time round and nothing haha, so sometimes it maybe worth buying the extra space.

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I am at the same point as you, where I have bought space before and it is now getting a bit too expensive. Sorry for your mate who can’t get Jackal or Falcon. I guess we all have heroes that elude us. For me it is Lancelot and Gullinbursti who are the four star heroes determined to avoid me. Not too fussed about Lancelot but I would really like the other one.

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