Guardian Event reflect color

Does anyone know what the reflect colour is for Guardians Event? Looking to know how I should set my team?

Assuming it’s Guardians, yellow will be the reflect color.

Does anyone know the total points possible for each stage of the event? It very frustrating not knowing what the max points are. So I’m not sure if I should redo a certain level I don’t wanna waste the precious energy…can anyone help sry I posted here not sure how to post a new thread.

without knowing some of the individuals and asking their score, no, there’s no current way to see the high score per stage. It’s something many, many people have asked about.

This should be available to all players… so we know what we are playing for…I might think my 30000 is a good score but the total is 60000 then I guess my hit was not as good as I thought.

My scores are usually in the 45k to 55k per level and I usually finish around the 2000-4000 placing, if that helps. In Beginner level that is.

I know the total posible score goes up every level but it would be nice to know what the possible points are for each level…without knowing u don’t know what level u should redo to try for a better school

Knowing the possible points won’t help, as you can keep getting higher scores as you decrease the time taken toward zero. However, you can look at these scores by Zero the player. Most are well above what we mortals can get, and although they vary by challenge it gives a pretty good idea of the possible scores.


There has to be some sort of equation to get points it can’t be random… yes player like zero have all hero’s maxed but let’s just talk about the beginner stage since most everyone has a maxed 3* team… there has to be some sort of points system… such as u finish under 1 min u get *** points u finish under 1min 15 sec u get *** points…there has to be a system or a max or this event makes no sense period.

I’m sure there is an equation for the scoring, but it’s not something that the devs have shared.

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Unfortunately with 1.10 I think those scores are null and void other than I suspect the distribution of scores will probably be similar.

Non-trivial changes happened tweaking the events and we didn’t see it on beta so hard to say what it’s going to be this time… brave new world and new benchmarks await!

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