🗿 Guardian Chameleon: Guardians of Teltoc – Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Of all the proposals, the most reasonable is to disguise him under the color of his team, which is logical(in life, he does so)

Was expecting to see some more of your genius level comments about chameleon on this thread, sadly disappointed.

I can’t argue that chameleon is a great hero. But I have to say I love his buff. He’s my first crit buffer and I’m impressed at the tile damage. He’s not a top tonic contender right now but I’ll gladly take him to 70 and use him.

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I got GC and am taking him all the way. I’m thinking of resetting Sartana so I can boost him, too. He’ll be the epic version of my Ares with dispel powers!

I pulled this guy.

His description is “The Elementalist of Teltoc” which is quite ridiculous, but I do enjoy ridiculous stuff.

The removals and buffs are insanely good, but I have to agree with everyone who said the color changing is gimmicky and makes no sense for now.

Maybe he’ll work against S3 squirrel? For now, he’s a puzzle and niche, but I believe there are new dynamics awaiting on S3.

Remains to be seen…


I didn’t pull him, or any of the Guardians except the Bat (3 of him!).

Fighting against him in the event I found him somewhat underwhelming. I stacked green in epic and got him to fire twice which changed me to blue, then red. Then i hit him with red gems. In legendary I stacked blue so I only needed him to fire once. I just ignored him at the start of the battle.

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I pulled him in my [sadly fruitless] attempt to get Gazelle. I’m not sure what to make of him, as many of the comments here illustrate. His dispell, atk buff and crit buff look amazing! He’s pretty tough with 780 def and 1339 health. The color change thing…?

For my team, I’ve got Hatter and Lady Locke also waiting for tonics (with Alby, Kingston, Eve, Greg, Yunan, Morgan, and Tarlak as my other maxed greens). I don’t think that there are really that many undispellable buffs that I need to remove that would make him more attractive than Hatter. Only Aeron’s buff comes to mind. And maybe Grazul, but that’s only 2 turns. Any others come to mind?

Kunchen’s Elemental Link shield against yellow would be nice to dispel, but then he would also turn yellow. I would need to bring purple heroes against him to take advantage of that, which seems risky since I couldn’t ensure that Chameleon would even fire if I got a bad green board. And while I’m trying to charge Chameleon, I’m doing weak damage to Kunchen and just feeding his special.

I guess, as was said before, that if you’re struggling against a specific titan color, you could use him to some advantage there, but that seems like an exceedingly small corner case. Especially since I have to assume the majority of the population that pulled him are spenders and probably don’t have lineup holes like that.

It’s just super disappointing that Guardian heroes are so bi-modal: Either they’re great (Panther, Jackal, Falcon, Gazelle), or not (Kong, Owl, Chameleon). Avalon is the gold standard for good heroes throughout (only Lance isn’t universally hailed as a good hero, but is still good!), and I wish they could mimic that more uniformly given the long odds to summon even one event 5*.


So I like the little guy but only for offense. I’ve used him in several raids and in war. He is tricky to use and you have to pay very close attention not only to any debuffs you’ve put on your opponents but also where any tile matches are and their colors. One mistake will definitely cost you the match however I have been killing yellow 5* heroes with 5 tiles or less with only Sabina and proteus in my party. Depending on how many of them are cries. I also no longer stress over the tank as much. I can change its color and all 5 heroes get the attack buff. I have not put him on my defense team yet because I have not maxed him but I will eventually and I will somehow try to judge if he helped or hurt. Also as mentioned before by some of the others, I simply find him fun to use. A new challenge of sorts. How to take something out of the ordinary and make the most of it. He is my only 5* green right now so there’s that too. I look forward to reading more about this hero


For those that have Snow white and G. Chameleon, they do not synergize to well do they? I am just inquiring for my own curiosity.

It is because of the fact that you have this first hero, you are joyful. Everyone who received it is more disappointed. I got 3 Grand. And I’m very upset.Those who got the Panther or Gazelle got the jackpot. Chameleon still has bugs in the attack, if you charge the modified Ursen, it restores color after death and reflects the yellow ones, which kills them. The hero requires immediate processing. You can not change the color of the enemy, the chameleon MUST apply the color of the environment, and not others. Imho.

Annnnddddd it’s started…


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