Guardian Chameleon elemental switch

Noticed something in my fights against guardian chameleon in the event. He switches the element to what my heroes are strong against as listed on the card just fine.
However, if he goes off again shortly after he switches my heroes back to what they originally where. So my full purple team gets changed to yellow, he goes off again and my team is back to purple.
I feel that this should not happen, it should stay yellow as that is the colour my team is strong against.

It’s working as intended.

Purple heroes become yellow heroes. Then the heroes who are now yellow become purple (it’s about the element they are strong against in their current form (colour), not the hero’s original element).

If you use a red team, the heroes will become green, then blue, then red again.

It changes the colour to the one your hero is currently strong against, not what it was in its original colour.

I expected the colour change, I didn’t expect to get my original colour back without a cleanse.
Having Chameleon change my colour back to the original colour kind of defeats the purpose of the special.

This is how yellow and purple work - they are strong elements against each other. So the heroes go back to their original colour after Chameleon’s second cast.

If you have red/blue/green heroes, Chameleon would have to fire 3 times in order to bring back the heroes to their original colour.

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