Guardian Chameleon bug?

Had a red elemental chest pop up before Teltoc challenge event. Pulled Chameleon.

Saw the line and decided to use him on Season 1 Province 8 Map 7. Chameleon nicely turned all blue monsters into red, and I killed them while red.

Also he turned the cyclops bosses first blue, then red. Also were slain while red.

And yet the red enemies count to my chest remained the same as before the battle, although I actually killed 13 red enemies on 8-7. Altered by Chameleon, sure, but still red.

Does this work as intended or is it a bug, as I think?

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I think it works as intended, they are red because of buff they aren’t phisically red.

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Yeah they are still blue. You just temporarily made them red.

I like the creativity to try this. I have not thought of this purpose before. Not surprised it doesn’t work.

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It works as intended. When the killing blow of the “temporarily red” cyclops occurs, you can notice a tiny line that said “element changed” or something like that.

In fact, there is no different property between “temporarily red” and normal “red”. If you use Chameleon skill again, both “temporarily red” and normal “red” will change to green. And think Gravemaker, Zeline, Ursena etc. bonus against specific will work on “temporarily element” as well.

@Saros It is interestingly not work :thinking: I think “temporarily red” isn’t count as red enemy even they are red because of the program. I think it is because that any buff and ailment will be remove before they die. So, they will turn back to blue just a millisecond before they completely die. You can test this by lower enemy defense and kill them with many tile (more than enough). The tile that do the overkill damage will be uneffected by the lower defense ailment.

But anyway, If it works as intended, they should at least say that “temporarily element” doesn’t count or something like that.

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It is just a temporary element change since it reverts back to their original element once the skill duration is over.

I have Chameleon and if I have a blue elemental chest, I will try experimenting with him in 1-7-8, killing the mobs while they are not blue and see whether my elemental chest kill count improves.

Do you have Gravemaker, Zeline, Ursena or any other heroes that have bonus damage against specific element ? Could you test them on “temporary element change” target ?

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Nope. Playing only for 6 and a half months as a vc2p. No money 5* whatsoever.

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Sadly, no Ursena and no Zeline. I have several GMs though. Will test him too with Chameleon.

EDIT: I have Athena. She should deal more damage against reds. Will test her too. Can’t remember who are my heroes that deal extra damage against weak elements.

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