Guardian bat vs Chochin

I looking to make space on y roster on the 3* dark world which is only used for torneys. I have c-Tyrum, Balthazar and Renfeld at 3-50(agree tenfold is worthless but it was the only one I had the tourneys started). I also have G-bat and Chochin at the starting line but don’t know which one to use. I will dump one and hold the other for purple tiles in the future.

I would appreciated suggestions. Thanks

Keep both as bat maybe harder to get back in the long run but level chochin

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Chochin is better…
Bat is cool and event hero’s should always be kept.

But level Chochin first.

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Realistically you should keep five 3-stars in each color if you want to be competitive in 3-star tournies. Tyrum-C is a must keep because dispel and cleanse are that valuable. Renfield and Balthazar are disposable at this point and you will find better heroes sooner or later. Chochin will serve well enough as a purple tank and does come in very useful for rush attack, Gill-ra is still the best 3-star purple tank. Chochin is quite useful for Buff and Bloody formats so don’t eat him just because he (it?) is fugly. G-bat might take a back seat to Bjorn now that I’ve had more experience with Bjorn. I think 2 Bjorns, Gill-Ra / Chochin, 1 or 2 Tyrums should be good enough for a minimal purple bench for rare challenge events and tournaments.

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Just buy roster space it is cheaper than to sacrifice ur unique 3*

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Just corrected the title in case anybody is searching for the same comparison :+1:

Before you dispose any 3 stars wait for 2nd round of costumes is launched. Get additional space :+1:t2:

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Beat me to it. Don’t feed any 3 star until the second set of costumes are released. Then you can decide what to keep. But I would certainly recommend a mono red and a mono blue team as a starter for 10.
Good luck

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